Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2016

New zoo studies

I haven`t been in the zoo to sketch for a long time, but I hope to be there often in the future..
Half finished study of the female Indian rhino

Indian rhino female study, Staedtler fineliner

White faced whistling duck study, Staedtler fineliner 

Samstag, April 23, 2016

New Great crested grebe study

I went back to the park to see if the Grebes were still there..It seems that they are going to have a succeful breeding season this year. I painted this one using Staedtler fineliner and Copic markers

Mittwoch, April 20, 2016

Great crested grebe life studies-Nymphenburg park

Great crested grebes have bred in this park occasionally , the last attempt was in 2013 but failed.
I hope , they are going to have more luck this year.

Donnerstag, März 24, 2016

Sumatran Orang utan sketches-Munich zoo

A speedy study of the male Orang utan, Staedtler fineliner

Capturing the Orang utan expression with just few lines, Staedtler fineliner

Mittwoch, März 02, 2016

Freitag, Februar 12, 2016

Tawny owl study-first of 2016

Haven`t been in the park to sketch since last November, and because I had to drive my daughter to a birthday very close to the palace, I used my chance and did this study. Sunny weather but pretty cold at +5 °C...Stabilo point 88, Faber Castell PITT pen and Grey coloured pencil, Nymphenburg Schloßpark

Mittwoch, Februar 10, 2016

Carrion crow, life study

Carrion crow life study from today morning, Gouache colours.It was a very challenging model, and wasn`t easy to capture the reflections , and iridescence of the black plumage.