Samstag, Juli 26, 2014

Zoo field studies in black & white

It was about time to upload something new from the Munich zoo..

Eurasian lynx, Bic pen

Greater Kudu, Bic pen

One more Greater Kudu study, Bic pen

A half finished study, one of the young male lions, Bic pen

A speedy study of one of the Male lions drinking , Bic pen

Nilgai antilope, head study, Bic pen

Nilgai antilope, body study, Faber -castell Pitt artist pen

One more Nilgai study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Indian rhino, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

A more detailed study of the Indian rhino, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin, head study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin resting, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin walking

Samstag, Juli 05, 2014

Latest Fieldwork

Black headed bunting study, Kozani-Greece, June 2014, Bic pen

Carrion crow pair, Ostpark Munich, June 2014

Egyptian goose, Munich zoo, Bic pen, June 2014

House martin in the rain, Kozani, Greece , 2014, Bic pen

House martin road kill study, Bic pen, June 2014

Common buzzard, Kozani, Greece, Bic pen, 2014

Freitag, April 11, 2014

EXTREMADURA--PART 2 -La Serena -Fieldsketching trip-April 2014

Calandra lark sunbathing, one of the most common species in Serena, Bic pen

A corn bunting also sunbathing,by far the most abundant species in Serena

A Griffon vulture in the middle of nowhere , somewhere in Serena, Bic pen

Vultures circling over the plains of Serena, Bic pen

Lesser Kestrel male study, bic pen

A characteristic species of this steppe-like landscape, the little bustard in this case a male, Bic pen

A study of a little owl at first daylight, Bic pen

A male Montagu`s harrier sitting on the ground , also an abundant species in the vast steppes of Serena...Bic pen

Ruin somewhere in the plains...breeding site for Hoopoe, Spotless starlings and choughs...

A Woodchat shrike head study, Bic pen

A woodchat shrike male singing...Bic pen

One more study of a Woodchat shrike singing...I`ll never get tired sketching these birds! Bic pen

EXTREMADURA--PART 1 -Monfragüe National park -Fieldsketching trip-April 2014

Eagle owl at nest, Bic pen study at Portilla del Tietar, Monfragüe National park

A watercolour study of the eagle owl at Portilla del Tietar, Monfragüe National park

A Griffon vulture sitting on a rock while raining, at Portilla del Tietar, Bic pen

A Griffon vulture at nest with its chick, watercolour fieldstudy , Portilla del Tietar

Portilla del Tietar, watercolour study of the location , breeding site for Griffon vultures , Eagle owl and Spanish imperial eagle 

Freitag, März 21, 2014

More Przewalski horse studies - Munich zoo

A "brush" study in watercolour without preliminary sketch of a female Przewalski horse..

Przewalski horse feeding, Bic pen

Freitag, März 14, 2014

Przewalski horses & Cougar studies-Munich zoo

Przewalski horse study, Bic pen

One more horse study while feeding, Bic pen

The female cougar at rest, Bic pen

Donnerstag, März 06, 2014