Dienstag, November 10, 2015

New Tawny owl life study

This is the Tawny owl life study from today morning. Never seen this individual before, a pretty cooperative fellow! Painted using gouache colours, a solely brush study without preliminary pencil drawing

Mittwoch, Oktober 28, 2015

"Kasimir" the tawny owl life study

It was a beautiful autumn day today, and couldn`t miss the chance to visit Schloss Nymphenburg park in Munich looking after the tawny owls.Since I couldn`t spot any other I went back to the well known "Kasimir" , and managed to complete a study. It sounds unbelievable but it is the tenth study from the same bird I did so far! Gouache colours on water colour paper

Freitag, Oktober 09, 2015

Tawny owl-Gouache life study

I went back to Nymphenburg Palace with its gorgeous park hoping to spot once again an other Tawny owl, and I didn`t regret it. Beside this study I was able to finish, I saw four different individuals enjoy the sun in their daytime roost. I promised myself to go back soon to pa
Tawny owl at daytime roost, life study, Gouache colours
int all of them from life.

Freitag, September 25, 2015

Nymphenburg Park-life studies

Common pochard male, Bic pen & Staedler lumocolor pen

This time a study of an other Tawny owl somewhere else in the park,Staedler lumocolor pen

Mittwoch, September 16, 2015

Tawny owl study at Nymphenburg Park -Munich

Tawny owl" kasimir" life study from today morning using mixed media.

Latest life studies

Black kite , Bic pen study

One more Black kite study at Wildpark Poing, Bic pen
Blue winged kookabura, life study at Olching birdpark, Bic pen

Sakerfalcon head study, Poing, Bic pen

Peregrine falcon at Wildpark Poing, Bic pen & Tombow brush pens

Black kite, head study, Poing , Bic pen

Montag, Juli 13, 2015

Bald eagle immature life study

A Bald eagle study at Wildpark once again, this time of an immature bird. I`m not particularly pleased with this study,because the light conditions didn`t allow me to show form and tones I`d love to have.

Freitag, Juli 03, 2015

Siberian eagle owl watercolour

One more study painted at the same Wildpark as the previously posted studies too.
A siberian eagle owl painted on location in watercolour.