Dienstag, September 29, 2009


No, it's not the usual beginn of a fairytale, but the presentation of my development
as an artist, particularly after the turn-point in my life, the move to Germany.
Most of you know that I haven't any art formal training ever and while seeking my way as a wildlife artist I found out that working outdoors could replace somewhat the conventional education. I've got to add in this point that I tried twice to attend the
Art Academy in Munich but I've been twice rejected.
Therefore I looked out for reliable subjects which I found in our local Zoo.
Hundreds of animals from all over the world were staying, walking and lying in front of me waiting to be sketched.I use to say that my regular visits to the zoo replaced
somehow the education I was missing.
Actually I was always sketching from life, mainly people portraits and domestic animals,but this time I had the chance to study so many wild animals from close quarters.
That's why I'll start first posting the latest fieldwork,while still in Greece, a couple of months before I moved to Germany.
The artwork has been completed in the Zoo of Thessaloniki and close to my hometown Kozani.
This is the first portion...