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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2021 angezeigt.

Special exhibition in Munich - Molassic Park

For those who live in Munich or close to, there is a very interesting exhibition about nature in Bavaria during the epoche of Miocene and will be open from coming Friday to the beginning of September in Munich Botanical garden. This unique special exhibition is a joint project of Museum Mensch und Natur / BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern, the Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB), the Munich Botanical Garden and the University of Tübingen. I feel privileged to be part of this exhibition having served as an Illustrator along with the well known spanish Paleoartist Mauricio Anton who created three magnificent large scale landscape recontstuctions bringing back to life the animal and plant world of the Freshwater Molasse. Here is the Link to the exhibition, and attached some of my illustrations: https://www.biotopia.net/.../eve.../52-2021-molassic-park-en   Gomphotherium with one tusk Amphicyon Dicrocerus & Lagomeryx Dalmatian pelican Tortoise  

Domestic cat portrait watercolour

  A domestic cat portrait, a watercolour demonstration I did for an adult evening class few days ago. Attached also, a series of images showing the creative progress    

Orang Utan male watercolour

Orang utan male portrait , a watercolour demonstration I did for an adult evening class recently.Attached also  few images showing various stagesof the process.  

Bird life studies -Ammersee lake

 After a long period of time I managed to go outdoors to sketch again , in this case in a new to me wetland at the southernmost tip of Ammersee lake an hour drive from Munich. Common terns and Ruddy shelducks were my models this time, Black headed guls, Black kites , Little ringed plovers and Egyptian geese will be studied next time I hope!