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Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2020 angezeigt.

Waterfowl life studies

  The last life studies of the year,in a water reservoir close to Munich. Here is a Gadwall drake and one of the many beautifully coloured Red crested pochard drakes. And one shot of my outdoor " studio" today in the morning      

Eurasian pygmy owl

Just finished , a Eurasian pygmy owl painted in acrylics on heavy watercolour paper  

Ring ouzel ssp.alpestris drawing

A Ring ouzel drawing of the subspecies alpestris I´ve just finished. Attacheda also, several images showing the creation of the drawing    

Buzzard &Tawny owl life studies

Some new studies from my today`s visit to Nymphenburg park in Munich. A common buzzard and a new Tawny owl. And a photo shows how my outdoor "studio" looked like .    

Atlantic Puffin portrait

Once again an image I did for an adult evening class as a watercolour demonstration . Also several process stages are included. An atlantic Puffin portrait