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Es werden Posts vom November, 2019 angezeigt.

New Siberian Tiger portrait

Siberian tiger showing aggressive behaviour. A portrait I`ve just finished, using various fineliners & pens on Strathmore toned paper.Attached also, some images showing  steps of the progress

Golden eagle portrait

Just finished this Golden eagle portrait, . Created using various fineliners & pens on toned paper

New life studies from Munich zoo

Some studies from my visit to the Zoo today in the morning. I haven`t been there for weeks and the weather was pretty foggy and cold, but I decided to ignore the weather conditions and do my best..Various fineliners & pens on toned paper

New Tawny owl life study- Nymphenburg park

I have been in the Park two weeks ago, but I didn`t have any possibility to work in colour then due to the lack of time. As soon as I saw that the weather is gonna be cold but fine today, I didn`t  miss the chance to work with Gouache outdoors again and I`ve been rewarded with this study..

Eagle owl portrait

A portrait of an Eurasian eagle owl while calling. Sketched on toned paper using various fineliners & pens. Attached also,a series of scans showing various stages of the drawing while it was created.

Double dog-portrait

Something else this time, the friend`s dogs in a portrait. Watercolours. Attached also the preliminary sketch.

Illustration of a Post-glacial landscape

Attached this time, an illustration and the preliminary drawing I did lately, depicting a post-glacial Landscape in eastern Austria.