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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2019 angezeigt.

New quick human portraits

Attached this time several portraits I did from life yesterday in the afternoon among with other artists, in Hofgarten-Munich . We had just 15 minutes to finish every portrait and the time pressure has forced everyone to his limits.. The event has been organized by Andreas Skrzypnik for Drawing from life-Munich https://www.facebook.com/groups/1989676834613576/ . Terrific idea!

Grandpa`s portraits

My Grandpa has been always posed patiently for me in the past, and I did some acceptable portraits over the years. He is going to reach his 103! years soon, and I wanted to share studies from the past as well the most detailed portrait I did of him in acrylics (including progress) few years ago..

Riesa city-Saxony-life studies

I`m just back from a short family holiday trip to Riesa city( close to Dresden). Despite the extreme hot weather I managed to go outside and do some fieldwork as  well a more detailed architectural study of the Trinitatis church , the most characteristic of the city. The old cemetery provided a rich bird life with golden orioles, Green woodpeckers, a lot of  Wood pigeons and a variety of songbirds like Common redstart. Brown hares were also common there and Red kites flew above the city all the time.. Riesa Old cemetery Trinitatis church

Nymphenburg park water bird studies

Several quick studies from my visit to Nymphenburg park-Munich yesterday in the morning.Grey herons, Cormorants and a failed attempt to paint a Tawny owl