Donnerstag, Juni 22, 2017

Hellabrunn(Zoo Munich) New studies

Many of my friends know that I`m a regular visitor of Munich zoo 20 years now.Hundreds of studies have been created on location , I met a lot of interesting people, made friends, and most of all I`ve learned a lot working from life and still do..Yesterday was again such a warm day, and couldn`t resist the temptation to go there and try my luck.Attached the studies I managed to complete or at least to start with..
Banteng bull resting, Derwent fineliners ,Faber Castell Pitt pens and Unipin fineliners
A speedy sketch of young Banteng bull, Derwent fineliners ,

The finished study of the other Dwarf crocodile, the female in this case. Derwent fineliners ,Faber Castell Pitt pens and Unipin fineliners

Dwarf crocodile study, initial sketch using Derwent fineliners . I didn`t get it finished, `cause the reptile jumped in to the water and disappeared in a small cave .

Lion head study, Derwent fineliners

Sumatran orangutan study, Derwent fineliners ,Faber Castell Pitt pens

Freitag, Juni 09, 2017

Paptor studies at Wildpark Poing

Wildpark Poing is beautifuly located very close to Munich, and I use to visit it regularly because of their mainly eurasian Bird and mammal collection, but most of all because of the Raptors. I had yesterday the chance to be there, and managed to get some studies finished.

Freitag, Juni 02, 2017

Munich zoo- speedy studies

I met an old friend yesterday and went to Munich zoo to sketch. I didn`t manage to make a lot of fieldwork , except of these two,attached also the unfinished ones, but I enjoyed the time..