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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2017 angezeigt.

Hellabrunn(Zoo Munich) New studies

Many of my friends know that I`m a regular visitor of Munich zoo 20 years now.Hundreds of studies have been created on location , I met a lot of interesting people, made friends, and most of all I`ve learned a lot working from life and still do..Yesterday was again such a warm day, and couldn`t resist the temptation to go there and try my luck.Attached the studies I managed to complete or at least to start with.. Banteng bull resting, Derwent fineliners ,Faber Castell Pitt pens and Unipin fineliners A speedy sketch of young Banteng bull, Derwent fineliners , The finished study of the other Dwarf crocodile, the female in this case. Derwent fineliners ,Faber Castell Pitt pens and Unipin fineliners Dwarf crocodile study, initial sketch using Derwent fineliners . I didn`t get it finished, `cause the reptile jumped in to the water and disappeared in a small cave . Lion head study, Derwent fineliners Sumatran orangutan study, Derwent fineliners ,Fabe

Paptor studies at Wildpark Poing

Wildpark Poing is beautifuly located very close to Munich, and I use to visit it regularly because of their mainly eurasian Bird and mammal collection, but most of all because of the Raptors. I had yesterday the chance to be there, and managed to get some studies finished.

Munich zoo- speedy studies

I met an old friend yesterday and went to Munich zoo to sketch. I didn`t manage to make a lot of fieldwork , except of these two,attached also the unfinished ones, but I enjoyed the time..