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Es werden Posts vom September, 2016 angezeigt.

New Tawny owl study from Nymphenburg park

This morning I was able to visit after months the Schloss Nymphenburg , in Munich, looking for a Tawny owl in the park which was not painted yet..Thanks to good friend Heinz Peter , who confirmed his preseence, I went there early in the morning and managed to do this watercolour study.Attached also a short video taken by the same friend during the action..

Dwarf crocodile & Indian elephant studies

Though I did a couple of "portrait" studies of this reptile in the past , never tried to capture the "whole" before..It was about time! Dwarf crocodile, Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen Indian elephant study, sketched today in the Munich zoo. It was a kind of demonstration , showing important anatomical features

Latest life studies from captive birds

Eurasian eagle owl study, Bic pen Peregrine falcon study, Bic pen Red kite watercolour study, Wildpark Poing -Munich Barn owl study , Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen, Bruinehaar-Netherlands One more study of the same Barn owl  , Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen, Bruinehaar-Netherlands A eurasian eagle owl study which has never been finished, because I wasn`t pleased with it and gave up Eagle owl head study, Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen