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Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2017 angezeigt.

Speedy sketches-Munich zoo

Short visit to the zoo today accompanied by my daughter. Attached the only sketches I managed to do, since it was impossible to stay on a spot longer than 5-10 minutes..I was "forced " then by my daughter to move on to the next enclosure

Harpy eagle & Steller`s sea eagle-Nuremberg zoo

I`ve spend several hours in Nuremberg zoo with a good friend yesterday, sketching and having fun! Attached, the day`s "harvest"..

Raptor studies-Castle Rosenburg

After more than 10 years I had the chance to go back and visit the castle of Rosenburg 120 km north of Munich. This medieval building has been transformed to an attractive falconry museum, and holds an interesting Raptor collection. This is what I managed to sketch during my stay there. I must go back for sure!