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Es werden Posts vom Januar, 2020 angezeigt.

Painting a Hen-Watercolour demonstration

Attached a series of images showing the process of a picture I did last week as a watercolour demonstration for an adult evening class

Watercolour portrait

Attached , a commissioned portrait of an experienced falconer and artist I did lately..

Passenger pigeon studies

Passenger pigeons, their abundance, and spectacular migration, nesting sites and extinction after all  fascinated me since I`ve read about them for the first time.That one of the most common birds in the world became extinct in such a short period of time, it is one of the biggest crimes in human history.As an artist, I have no other possibility than to try to bring them back to life at least in my drawings and paitings.Attached a series of drawings I did lately, showing the birds in their daily activities..

Hereford cattle watercolour

Attached this time a watercolour based on video footage I took on my trip to Hungary last May. Hereford cattle , a breed I`ve never seen before...

Dogs & Humans Art exhibition in Munich

From the current exhibition about dogs and humans in art in Bavarian national museum. A miniature portrait by the Austrian artist Waldmüller showing his son with his dog dated in 1836. . And he pug dog of Count Brühl from Saxony created in porcelain in 1743. It was pretty difficult to work in the Museum because of the low light.

Eurasian lynx painting

Eurasian lynx , a painting I did 20 years ago, one of the most detailed I ever done.. I was hoping to do more of this kind, but I realized soon that there was no demand , at least in Germany, and decided to focus almost exclusively on illustrations

New zoo life studies

Quick sketches from my visit to the Munich zoo yesterday

Iberian lynx portrait

Iberian lynx portrait based on video.One of the rarest wild cats in the world..Various fineliners & pens on toned paper

Bearded vulture portrait

Bearded vulture portrait, the first drawing of the year... A fascinating species..Drawn on Strathmore toned paper using various pens & fineliners