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Es werden Posts vom April, 2017 angezeigt.

Tawny owl nestlings in Nymphenburg park

My very first encounter with a couple of Tawny owl chicks sitting on a branch 10 meters above the ground in Nymphenburg park today in the morning. The weather was still cold but sunny and I managed eventually to complete this study using various fineliners.

Riesa zoo-Saxony, Life studies-Easter 2017

I`m just back from a holiday week to North -eastern Germany, visiting relatives over Easter days. The weather conditions were aweful with temperatures arounf zero! and snowfall sometimes..But I managed to do some work outdoors wearing gloves Common Raven study, Unipin fineliners Prussian carp study, Unipin fineliners & Bic pen Speedy sketches of a European brown hare and a little Owl.Unipin fineliners European brown hare and Quail, two studies sketched within few minutes,Unipin fineliners A red Fox study, still wearing his winter coat, Unipin fineliners Red Kite study, Unipin fineliners One more study of the same bird, Red Kite , Unipin fineliners Spruce tree study, Unipin fineliners European wild cat study, Unipin fineliner One more study of the european wildcats in the local zoo. Restless fellows didn`t show themselves a lot. Unipin fineliners Something caught the attention of this wild cat, but only briefly.Unipin finelin