Dienstag, November 22, 2016

Brown morph tawny owl life study, Nymphenburg park Munich

I`m just back from Nymphenburg park with today`s "harvest", this study of a Tawny owl I know and drew in the past, but it seems that it changed his prefered tree hole, to an other tree , 150 metres away. Watercolours

Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2016

"Langford Press field sketches Award 2016"

I feel excited and grateful to be able to announce that I`m the winner of this year`s "Langford Press Field sketches Award" competiiton. Unfortunately I`m not able to attend the event today, but nevertheless I want to thank the judges in this point, and encourage every artist working outdoors to participate! The originals are to be seen during  "the Natural eye" exhibition of SWLA in the Mall Galleries in London. Attached, the studies I submitted.

Montag, Oktober 24, 2016

One more Tawny owl study

The weather conditions were excellent today and I didn´t miss the chance to spend few hours in Nymphenburg park once again , sketching and painting an other Tawny owl, sitting up on a beech tree very close to the main entrance of the palace. Fineliners and Copic markers/ Tombow dual brush pens 
Tawny owl coloured life study

Tawny owl, sketch, warming up for the coloured study

Freitag, Oktober 14, 2016

Life study of The Tawny owl "Kasimir"

I spend few hours in Schloss Nymphenburg, today in the morning, sketching the most famous Tawny owl in Munich the "Kasimir". Because of the very low temperatures I didnt use watercolours but Faber-Castell Fineliners and Copic markers.  I also met many lovely people there..

Donnerstag, September 22, 2016

New Tawny owl study from Nymphenburg park

This morning I was able to visit after months the Schloss Nymphenburg, in Munich, looking for a Tawny owl in the park which was not painted yet..Thanks to good friend Heinz Peter, who confirmed his preseence, I went there early in the morning and managed to do this watercolour study.Attached also a short video taken by the same friend during the action..

Freitag, September 16, 2016

Dwarf crocodile & Indian elephant studies

Though I did a couple of "portrait" studies of this reptile in the past , never tried to capture the "whole" before..It was about time! Dwarf crocodile, Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen

Indian elephant study, sketched today in the Munich zoo. It was a kind of demonstration , showing important anatomical features

Samstag, September 10, 2016

Latest life studies from captive birds

Eurasian eagle owl study, Bic pen

Peregrine falcon study, Bic pen

Red kite watercolour study, Wildpark Poing -Munich

Barn owl study , Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen, Bruinehaar-Netherlands

One more study of the same Barn owl  , Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen, Bruinehaar-Netherlands

A eurasian eagle owl study which has never been finished, because I wasn`t pleased with it and gave up

Eagle owl head study, Faber-Castell artist Pitt pen

Dienstag, August 23, 2016

Zoo animals & Bird life studies -Riesa zoo / Saxony

I`m just back from a short five days trip to Saxony visiting family and close relatives.
There is a small zoo with mainly european species and couldn`t miss the chance to make some life studies.Here they are the results..
Eagle owl study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Brown hare , head study, Bic pen

Brown hare detail, Bic pen

Brown hare study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Common crane,  Bic pen

European mouflon, Bic pen & Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Japanese green pheasant study, Bic pen

Przewalski horse, Bic pen

Roe deer female, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

White stork study, Bic pen & Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Dienstag, Juli 19, 2016

Steppe eagle and Night heron at Wildpark Poing

A juv. Night heron head study, an unusual sighting of a migrating bird, at the pond close to the Bear enclosure. Faber-Castell Pitt pen

One more study of the same bird, Faber-Castell Pitt pen

haven`t been in Wildpark in Poing for months, I went there today in the morning, and was happily surprised by a new member in their raptor collection, this juv. Steppe eagle. I couldn`t miss the chance to portray this beautiful bird..Life study, watercolours

Steppe eagle juv. head study,Staedtler fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper

Montag, Juli 18, 2016

Munich zoo latest studies

Male lion speedy sketch, yesterday in Munich zoo, Faber-Castell Pitt pen

Young eurasian lynx life study, Faber-Castell Pitt pen

A rather unusual study for me , a Przewalski horse sketched in Munich zoo yesterday, where I tried to show the muscle parts clearly, for a couple of students. Faber-Castell Pitt pen & Bic pen

A great White pelican life study I did yesterday in Munich zoo, Bic pen

Donnerstag, Juli 14, 2016

Life studies on toned paper-Munich zoo

Since I´ve done several illustrations on toned paper , and meanwhile I feel comfortable with this medium, I decided to use this technique for life studies this time.
Dwarf crocodile, life study in the zoo, today in the morning , Staedtler fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper

Eurasian lynx life study, Staedtler fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper
A ..half Nicobar pigeon, life study, Staedtler fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper

The male sumatran Orangutan from Munich zoo, life study, Staedtler fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper.The most detailed study I`ve done from life so far using this technique.

Dienstag, Juli 05, 2016

Munich zoo-today`s life studies

The weather was excellent and decided to go back to the zoo to
work from life.
There was a hope to make some coloured work today,but it was too hot, and my time was also limited.
Eventually I gave up, and did only b & w studies..

Dwarf crocodile, my second life study of this rare reptile after sechs months..Staedtler fineliner 

Blue -yellow macaw pair life study,today in the morning Staedtler fineliner 
Przewalski horse speedy study in the zoo, Staedtler fineliner 

Indian elephant, life study ,Staedtler fineliner

Azara's-agouti, life study , Staedtler fineliner

Freitag, Juli 01, 2016

Munich zoo, Macaws and other life studies

Bactrian camel, Staedtler fineliner

A blue & yellow macaw study today in the morning in Munich zoo. Staedtler fineliner & watercolours 

Blue yellow macaw life study, Staedtler fineliner

Great white pelican life study, Staedtler fineliner

Azara's-agouti, Staedtler fineliner

Freitag, Juni 10, 2016

More mammal life studies from Munich zoo

Javan Bantengs belong to my favorite wild cattle species, but didn`t have the chance and time to study them often. I hope to be able to get back soon for a coloured study
Javan Banteng young bull, Staedtler fineliner

Banteng cow detail,Staedtler fineliner

A Banteng cow while ruminating, Staedtler fineliner

Canadian bison bull, resting, Staedtler fineliner