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Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2022 angezeigt.

Bonelli`s eagle drawing on toned paper

  Bonelli`s eagle study drawn with sepia fineliners and pitt pens on Clairefontaine toned paper. It is based on a video of Israel raptor nest cam. Also attached images taken during the creation of the drawing  

Great cormorant life study

  A great cormorant painted from life in a lake close to Munich yesterday in the morning.Watercolours  

Painting & drawing waterbirds from life

  Three bird studies painted and drawn from life in Ismaning artificial lake close to Munich yesterday in the morning. It was a foggy, cool day but there was no wind at all and was pretty pleasant to work outdoors.( check out the photographs)  

Global Bird weekend contribution

  This weekend is again a Global Bid weekend and as a member of the Sketchy Birders Team I decided to visit a lake close to Munich hoping to find some birds to draw. Attached, the today`s " harvest"... #globalbirdweekend #thesketchybirders #thesketchybirdersteam #globalbirding