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  A commissioned Dog watercolour I did lately. I`m not a ful time Pet artist but I accept commissions occasionally. The communication with the client is for me in these cases very important ..and there is nothing like pleased clients!  

King penguin portrait

  King penguin portrait. A demonstration I did yesterday for an adult evening watercolour class . Once again a series of shots , taken during the creation of the Penguin portrait and show the progress from the initial drawing to the finished watercolour 

"Kongourou" from new Holland & Thylacine paintings

A masters copy of the first ever painting of a Kangaroo, painted originally  by George Stubbs i n 1772 and a Thylacine painting based on the well known videos taken in Hobart zoo in the `30s of the 20th century. Actually I`m not used to copy other`s artwork but this one was a commissioned one -a real challenge! Both painted in acrylics    

Puma portrait in watercolours

  A Puma , Cougar or mountain lion portrait. A watercolour demonstration I did for an adult painting class I`m teaching at the moment.Also attached, a series of shots , taken during the creation of the Puma portrait and show the progress from the initial drawing to the finished watercolour    


Snow leopard portrait. Fineliners & Pitt pens on Strathmore toned paper .Also attached, some shots taken during the creation of this drawing     


A common Buzzard portrait based solely on video footage. Fineliners

Siberian tiger portrait

  A Siberian tiger portrait drawn on Strathmore toned paper using various fineliners & Faber Castell Pitt pens. Also attached few images showing step by step the drawing process    

Brown Bear family painting

  A Bear mama with cubs. A painting I`ve just finished , inspired by our recent encounter with a Bear family last June in Greece, Acylics on canvas.Also two drawings of a Bear which  served as preliminary drawings for the painting #brownbear #brownbearpainting #acrylicpainting #acylics    

Golden eagle life study

  Golden eagle portrait painted from life in Munich Zoo a couple of days ago. Watercolours     

Golden eagle portrait

  Golden eagle, a portrait I`ve just finished. based on a video I took last week in Munich zoo.Also attached, a couple of shots , showing step by step the process of the Golden eagle portrait drawing     


  I spent few valuable hours in the Zoo today, I`ve been pretty productive and met many kind and interested visitors. Attached all the studies I did there...