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Es werden Posts vom April, 2019 angezeigt.

Tawny owl "Martin" life study

A quick sketch of the Tawny owl "Martin" done during a birdwatching "tour" in the Nymphenburg park yesterday. Sepia fineliners

Eurasian sparrowhawk life study

Eurasian sparrowhawk female. My first ever life study of this species..I spotted a pair breeding very close to my home and I hope to be able to make more studies in the nearest future  

Ruddy shelduck -Moose studies in Wildpark Poing

I spent one more day in Wildpark yesterday and to my surprise I spotted a wild Ruddy shelduck pair accompanying Greylag geese in one of the big park ponds. I did some fieldwork and I hope they are going to stay longer..They are such beautiful birds!

Tawny owl chick new study

I`ve got a call from a friend that a Tawny owl chick came out from his hole and drove to the park where I spent three hours. This is what I managed to sketch on location. Finelners & Pens      

Wildpark Poing -new life studies

I spent few days in Wildpark accompanying my daughter who had to assist the Veterinarian for this period and tried to do some studies despite the bad weather conditions. Attached, the sketsches I managed to do on location.

New book about honeybees

Just got it, a book about Honey bees with my illustrations and published by Kosmos publishers-Stuttgart.Attached also, some of the illustrations included in this book

Golden jackal watercolour

Attached, this time a commissioned watercolour I did lately, as well the preliminary sketch and the original photo where it is based on. I had to change the light conditions in order to create a certain mood