Samstag, Oktober 25, 2014


Black headed gull , winter plumage, Bic pen & Faber castell Pitt artist pen

Greylag goose , asleep, Bic pen & Faber castell Pitt artist pen

Greylag goose, detail,Bic pen & Faber castell Pitt artist pen

Greylag goose, gesture sketch,Bic pen & Faber castell Pitt artist pen

Little Grebe , juvenile, Bic pen & Faber castell Pitt artist pen

Samstag, September 27, 2014

Tawny owl study & female Cockatiel

my latest study from life, the Tawny owl " Kasimir" in Nymphenburg Park in Munich, watercolours
A Bic pen study of a female Cockatiel, sketched during a visit to a good friend...

Field work at Ismaning water-reserve close to Munich

Common sandpiper, Bic pen

Garganey female while feeding, Bic pen

Great crested Grebe, Bic pen

Little Grebe

Wood pigeon, Bic pen

Wood sandpiper, Bic pen

Samstag, Juli 26, 2014

Zoo field studies in black & white

It was about time to upload something new from the Munich zoo..

Eurasian lynx, Bic pen

Greater Kudu, Bic pen

One more Greater Kudu study, Bic pen

A half finished study, one of the young male lions, Bic pen

A speedy study of one of the Male lions drinking , Bic pen

Nilgai antilope, head study, Bic pen

Nilgai antilope, body study, Faber -castell Pitt artist pen

One more Nilgai study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Indian rhino, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

A more detailed study of the Indian rhino, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin, head study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin resting, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Takin walking

Samstag, Juli 05, 2014

Latest Fieldwork

Black headed bunting study, Kozani-Greece, June 2014, Bic pen

Carrion crow pair, Ostpark Munich, June 2014

Egyptian goose, Munich zoo, Bic pen, June 2014

House martin in the rain, Kozani, Greece , 2014, Bic pen

House martin road kill study, Bic pen, June 2014

Common buzzard, Kozani, Greece, Bic pen, 2014

Freitag, April 11, 2014

EXTREMADURA--PART 2 -La Serena -Fieldsketching trip-April 2014

Calandra lark sunbathing, one of the most common species in Serena, Bic pen

A corn bunting also sunbathing,by far the most abundant species in Serena

A Griffon vulture in the middle of nowhere , somewhere in Serena, Bic pen

Vultures circling over the plains of Serena, Bic pen

Lesser Kestrel male study, bic pen

A characteristic species of this steppe-like landscape, the little bustard in this case a male, Bic pen

A study of a little owl at first daylight, Bic pen

A male Montagu`s harrier sitting on the ground , also an abundant species in the vast steppes of Serena...Bic pen

Ruin somewhere in the plains...breeding site for Hoopoe, Spotless starlings and choughs...

A Woodchat shrike head study, Bic pen

A woodchat shrike male singing...Bic pen

One more study of a Woodchat shrike singing...I`ll never get tired sketching these birds! Bic pen

EXTREMADURA--PART 1 -Monfragüe National park -Fieldsketching trip-April 2014

Eagle owl at nest, Bic pen study at Portilla del Tietar, Monfragüe National park

A watercolour study of the eagle owl at Portilla del Tietar, Monfragüe National park

A Griffon vulture sitting on a rock while raining, at Portilla del Tietar, Bic pen

A Griffon vulture at nest with its chick, watercolour fieldstudy , Portilla del Tietar

Portilla del Tietar, watercolour study of the location , breeding site for Griffon vultures , Eagle owl and Spanish imperial eagle 

Freitag, März 21, 2014

More Przewalski horse studies - Munich zoo

A "brush" study in watercolour without preliminary sketch of a female Przewalski horse..

Przewalski horse feeding, Bic pen