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Es werden Posts vom Januar, 2019 angezeigt.

Tawny owl & Duck studies-Nymphenburg Park

After weeks of snowfalls, stormy winds and darkness the sun is back! It was a sunny but a very cold day today, with temperatures below and around zero..
At least there was no wind at all, such a peaceful feeling! I couldn´t miss the chanec to go back to the Park to look after the Owls. I saw at least four and managed to sketch two of them. On my way back to the car I spotted in the small half-frozen lake in the front of the Palace among many Tufted & Pochard ducks, a Ferruginus duck, a real rarity for Germany...

Albrecht Dürer`s self-portrait

One more attempt to copy the self-portrait of Albrecht Dürer on location (Old masters gallery -Munich). I used various ballpoint pens, fineliners and Pitt pens to sketch it.