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Es werden Posts vom 2015 angezeigt.

Last life study of this year-Green Iguana

I spend a morning in the zoo with my daughter yesterday and couldn`t expect to be able to sketch something, since children don`t have the patience to stay in a place longer. This study is definitely an exception..

Rhino Iguana-life study

 I haven`t done a coloured life  study in the zoo for ages, it was about time.This is what I got at least, a half finished painting of an unusually restless Rhino Iguana,  , Gouache colours

New zoo life studies

Drill study, Munich zoo, Bic pen Chimpanzee study , Munich zoo, Bic pen Dwarf crocodile, a newcomer to Munich zoo,

New Tawny owl life study

This is the Tawny owl life study from today morning. Never seen this individual before, a pretty cooperative fellow! Painted using gouache colours, a solely brush study without preliminary pencil drawing

"Kasimir" the tawny owl life study

It was a beautiful autumn day today, and couldn`t miss the chance to visit Schloss Nymphenburg park in Munich looking after the tawny owls.Since I couldn`t spot any other I went back to the well known "Kasimir" , and managed to complete a study. It sounds unbelievable but it is the tenth study from the same bird I did so far! Gouache colours on water colour paper

Tawny owl-Gouache life study

I went back to Nymphenburg Palace with its gorgeous park hoping to spot once again an other Tawny owl, and I didn`t regret it. Beside this study I was able to finish, I saw four different individuals enjoy the sun in their daytime roost. I promised myself to go back soon to pa Tawny owl at daytime roost, life study, Gouache colours int all of them from life.

Nymphenburg Park-life studies

Common pochard male, Bic pen & Staedler lumocolor pen This time a study of an other Tawny owl somewhere else in the park,Staedler lumocolor pen

Tawny owl study at Nymphenburg Park -Munich

Tawny owl" kasimir" life study from today morning using mixed media.

Latest life studies

Black kite , Bic pen study One more Black kite study at Wildpark Poing, Bic pen Blue winged kookabura, life study at Olching birdpark, Bic pen Sakerfalcon head study, Poing, Bic pen Peregrine falcon at Wildpark Poing, Bic pen & Tombow brush pens Black kite, head study, Poing , Bic pen

Bald eagle immature life study

A Bald eagle study at Wildpark once again, this time of an immature bird. I`m not particularly pleased with this study,because the light conditions didn`t allow me to show form and tones I`d love to have.

Siberian eagle owl watercolour

One more study painted at the same Wildpark as the previously posted studies too. A siberian eagle owl painted on location in watercolour.

Bald eagle "Sam" ,life study

Once again a falconry bird painted at the same location as the Peregrine falcon in my previous post. Bald eagle ,life study at Wildpark Poing close to Munich, watercolours

Peregrine falcon (falconry bird)

A study I did in watercolour from life a couple of day ago in a Wildpark close to Munich

Riesa -Saxony, Fieldstudies May-June 2015

While visiting relatives in Saxony , I used any spare time to go outdoors and do some fieldwork Common redstart, male, Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil Common redstart, male,one more study of the same bird, Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil A first year male Pied flycatcher singing, Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil Eagle owl study, Riesa zoo, Bic pen Once again the young male Pied flycatcher while singing, Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil Magpie study,  Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil Spotted flycatcher, Bic pen Grey partridge sketched at Riesa zoo,  Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil Wood pigeon study,  Bic pen & Lyra grey coloured pencil

Birdwatching Trip to Kerkini lake and Evros delta

I`m just back from Greece guiding a German birders group to Kerkini Lake and Evros Delta.New experiences for me visiting places, watching many beautiful birds and meeting wonderful people! I`m particularly grateful to Hartmut M. Bartmeise-Reisen , for trusting me, and of course to many friends there. I feel lucky to be there in spring time and that despite the limited time I was able to do some fieldwork Common Tern, Kerkini lake, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Vultures at Dadia forest Evros, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Cow somewhere in Evros delta, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Squacco heron, Kerkini lake, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Squacco heron, Kerkini, Mandraki, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Roland, one of the birdwatchers, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Red rumped swallow, Kerkini, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Spur winged plover, Evros Delta, Bic Pen & Tombow brush pen Little owl, Kerkini, Bic Pen & Tombow brush p

Carrion crow studies

Carrion crow in rain, just out of my window, life study Bic pen Carrion crow life study, Ostpark, Munich, Bic pen & tombow brush pen

Falcon life studies

Peregrine falcon calling, Bic pen,Wildpark Poing Sakerfalcon, life study, Bic pen

New life studies

Wood pigeon , sketched close to me home ,.Flew unexpected away due to a crow, Bic pen Sakerfalcon, half fnished study, Bic pen (at Wildpark Poing close to Munich) Peregrine falcon , also a life study from Wildpark Poing, Bic pen