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Es werden Posts vom 2015 angezeigt.

Last life study of this year-Green Iguana

Rhino Iguana-life study

New zoo life studies

New Tawny owl life study

"Kasimir" the tawny owl life study

Tawny owl-Gouache life study

I went back to Nymphenburg Palace with its gorgeous park hoping to spot once again an other Tawny owl, and I didn`t regret it. Beside this study I was able to finish, I saw four different individuals enjoy the sun in their daytime roost. I promised myself to go back soon to pa
int all of them from life.

Nymphenburg Park-life studies

Tawny owl study at Nymphenburg Park -Munich

Latest life studies

Bald eagle immature life study

A Bald eagle study at Wildpark once again, this time of an immature bird. I`m not particularly pleased with this study,because the light conditions didn`t allow me to show form and tones I`d love to have.

Siberian eagle owl watercolour

One more study painted at the same Wildpark as the previously posted studies too.
A siberian eagle owl painted on location in watercolour.

Bald eagle "Sam" ,life study

Once again a falconry bird painted at the same location as the Peregrine falcon in my previous post.

Peregrine falcon (falconry bird)

A study I did in watercolour from life a couple of day ago in a Wildpark close to Munich

Riesa -Saxony, Fieldstudies May-June 2015

While visiting relatives in Saxony , I used any spare time to go outdoors and do some fieldwork

Birdwatching Trip to Kerkini lake and Evros delta

I`m just back from Greece guiding a German birders group to Kerkini Lake and Evros Delta.New experiences for me visiting places, watching many beautiful birds and meeting wonderful people! I`m particularly grateful to Hartmut M. Bartmeise-Reisen, for trusting me, and of course to many friends there. I feel lucky to be there in spring time and that despite the limited time I was able to do some fieldwork

Carrion crow studies

Falcon life studies

New life studies