Freitag, Oktober 09, 2015

Tawny owl-Gouache life study

I went back to Nymphenburg Palace with its gorgeous park hoping to spot once again an other Tawny owl, and I didn`t regret it. Beside this study I was able to finish, I saw four different individuals enjoy the sun in their daytime roost. I promised myself to go back soon to pa
Tawny owl at daytime roost, life study, Gouache colours
int all of them from life.


Jeremy Pearse hat gesagt…

Love this one - probably my favorite of your 'Park Owl' sketches and paintings. It makes such a difference painting from life as your recent work quite clearly shows. I have very much enjoyed your latest sketches and paintings and hope to see more.

Paul Shenton hat gesagt…

Wonderful all of them. It's been a while since I've seen your work as always the bic pen astounds me