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Es werden Posts vom 2013 angezeigt.

Tawny owl study, reddish phase-Nymphenburg park

After months I did manage to visit the Nymphenburg Park in Munich hoping to spot a Tawny owl. Finally, I did finish this study despite the strong wind,using a combination of Bic pen and Copic markers...

Common buzzard

Common buzzard sketched looking through a scope, Landschaftspark Hachinger Tal, Munich,Staedtler fineliner

Goosander, Greylag goose studies, Ostpark- Munich

Goosander juvenile, one of many swimming around in the park..Bic pen Greylag goose study, Bic pen

Feral pigeon studies

Feral pigeon, Bic pen study, one of the birds of our neighborhood One more Bic pen study, half-finished, both sketched with the aid of a telescope

Eagle owl studies-Riesa zoo, Saxony

Eagle owl , half- finished study, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner, Riesa zoo, Saxony Eagle owl, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner, Riesa zoo, Saxony

Visit to Augsburg zoo , 30.08.2013

African forest buffalo, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner Dalmatian pelican resting, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner East caucasian Tur, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner Grey heron, they were everywhere in the zoo, never seen one in Munich zoo, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner Mountain goat, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner Onager, or Wild Asian ass, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner Ruddy shelduck, Bic pen & Staedtler fineliner

Nymphenburg park- today morning visit

Tawny owl at daytime roost,overall impression as it has been seen without  any optical aid, Watercolours One of the Yellow legged gulls was also there,, This is the first half.finished attempt...Bic pen Finally I managed to finish this one, following the swimming gull through the eyepiece of my scope, wasn`t easy at all..Bic pen

New studies at Nymphenburg park-Munich

Tawny owl , watercolour study from life,(with the aid of a telescope) Nymphenburg park Yellow legged gulls pair, Bic pen, Nymphenburg park Great crested Grebe, breeding, watercolour, Nymphenburg park

Carrion crow,Guinea pig

A Carrion crow study sketched from life using a spotting scope at our local park, Bic pen Our second Guinea pig the sweet "Caramela", Bic pen

New Zoo studies

Great white pelican study, watercolours, Munich zoo   Black kite study, Bic pen , Wildpark Poing Black stork, Bic pen, Munich zoo

Latest zoo fieldwork

Glossy Ibis, sunbathing, Bic pen Great white pelican, head study, Bic pen Great white pelican, preening, Bic pen Great white pelican resting, Bic pen Great white pelicans doodles, Bic pen Nicobar pigeon, Bic pen Northern Bald Ibis, Bic pen Rocky mountain goat, Bic pen

Various fieldwork close to my home

Carrion crow, Ostpark, Munich ,Bic pen Feral pigeons, close to my home in Munich, Bic pen Mallard doodles, Ostpark , Munich, Bic pen      Robin singing, Ostpark , Munich, Bic pen Wood pigeon, Ostpark, Munich, Bic pen

Bonelli`s eagle & Common kestrel studies

When time or weather conditions doesnt allow to make life-studies, I`m browsing through my own videos , where there is always something interesting to find..This time a Bonellis eagle female calling, and a common kestrel.. Bonelli`s eagle calling, the whole bird, Bic pen Bonelli`s eagle calling, head detail, Bic pen Common kestrel female, Bic pen

Our Guinea pigs

Not really wild , but nevertheless, interesting animals, Betty our first Guinea pig, sadly died few months ago, Bic pen Our second Guinea pig, Franzi, a lovely animal, Bic pen One more sketch fo Franzi, an older one... also drawn with Bic pen

Latest Fieldwork

Carp fish, Riesa zoo , Saxony  March 2013,Coloured pencils on tinted paper Greylag goose, Ostpark Munich , March 2013, Bic pen Eagle owl, Riesa zoo, Saxony, March 2013,Bic pen Mallard drake, Ostpark Munich, April 2013, Bic pen Red squirrel study, Munich, April 2013, Bic pen