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Es werden Posts vom November, 2018 angezeigt.

Old masters gallery- P.Rubens portraits

I`ve spent one more morning in the Old masters gallery. This time studying Portraits of Peter Paul Rubens Here is the Portrait of Hendrik van Thulden,sketched with various fineliners & Pens. I used a sepia fineliner as my main medium in this case Head detail of Rubens father in law portrait, Jan Brant

Old masters Gallery Munich-Copying works of old masters

For most of the people who know my work, I`m a wildlife artist.What they don`t know is that I used to  draw in the past and still do many human portraits from life. In this case , I decided to "enrich" my knowledge, by copying portraits of Old masters in the "Alte Pinakothek" in Munich. A unique experience! Albrecht Dürer self-Portrait Detail of Titian`s Emperor Charles V portrait Antony van Dykes portrait of the artist Jan de Wael and his wife. Detail of a painting of an unknown master from Ferrara(Italy) painted in ca.1480, and shows a Falconer holding a Sparrowhawk on his fist

Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca saxatilis) studies

Attached , this time a couple of studies based solely on video footage I took last year in Nürnberg zoo.The b/w study has been sketched last year, and the watercolour has been completed today.

Steppe eagle & Eagle owl life studies

I`ve spent few hours today in the morning in the Wildpark Poing once again. Didn`t have much luck in the beginning, until the Siberian eagle owl and an immature Steppe eagle decided to pose for me...

Tawny owl on toned paper

Once again, a Tawny owl study, but this time an individual I haven`t seen for the last two years, and haven`t painted or sketched before. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper .Attached also a photo of mine taken while I was sketching the owl  (photo credit: G. Albrecht)

Tawny owl life watercolour

A new watercolour study of the Tawny owl close to the main water channel painted today in the morning on location . Didn´t have the best conditions to work outdoors, it was cold and foggy today, but eventually I managed to finish the picture.