Mittwoch, Mai 19, 2010

New book about Dadia reserve in Greece

Just received a book published by WWF Greece, which includes a
selection of scientific papers regarding the famous Dadia raptor reserve
in North-eastern Greece.
It is actually a systematic presentation of all studies carried out on this area
over the last 20 years.
I was privileged to be commisioned to illustrate this book.
All of the drawings have been done using a simple BIC ballpoint pen.
Attached, few of the illustrations.....

Griffon vulture

Black vulture

Golden eagle

Marsh Frog

Black Stork

Woodchat shrike



Marbled Polecat



Sonntag, Mai 02, 2010

More drawings from the past -to be continued

European bison study-young male

Indian rhinoceros


European bison -female

Przewalski horse-(the shorttailed female from
Munich zoo-her name Sitka)

Indian rhinoceros


Great white pelican

Rhinoceros iguana

Rock partridge

Mountain goat


Diamond dove

Demoiselle Crane

Great grey owl