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Es werden Posts vom Februar, 2022 angezeigt.

Eurasian kingfisher painting

  A small commissioned painting of a common Kingfisher I did lately for a friend and is based on his own photo. Acrylics on paper  

Waterfowl field sketches

After a very long time , I managed to visit a lake close to Munich and sketched a little from life again.   A Great cormorant wearing his breeding plumage already and a   pair of Red crested pochards , one of many there with a Eurasian Coot      

Snowy owl drawing

A Snowy owl drawing based on a photo taken by Matthew Montonini.Thanks a lot Matthew! Fineliners on paper. Full length video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRS0frfgB-Q&t=1940s  

Thylacine portraits

A triple portrait of a Thylacine sketched from videos taken in Hobart zoo in the 30`s of 20th century. I have a very special interest on Thylacines and other extinct species and every time I`m trying to depict them is a challenge. Fineliners on paper