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Es werden Posts vom April, 2020 angezeigt.

Lanner falcon portrait

Just finished this Gouache portrait of a Lanner falcon, as a demonstration for a friend. This has been a solely brush painting without initial pencil drawing and is based on video footage I took last year. I took some video while I was painting and in case you want to see the whole video check out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZCjqQisAt8&t=5355s

Horse life drawings

I haven`t done any work from life lately due to the lockdown, but I found the time today to make a half an hour bike ride to a horse farm in the outskitrs of Munich. There was just me and the horses...Attached, the drawings I managed to do...

Lynx study

Yawning lynx. Study based on video footage I took few years ago In "Alpenzoo" Innsbruck, Austria. Fineliners

Eurasian sparrowhawk & Collared pratincole sketches

A pair of Eurasian sparrowhawks , sketch based on a video I took yesterday in the morning in a park very close to my home in Munich. Note the size difference between the sexes .Also, Collared pratincole head studies based on video I took in Greece back in 2012. Fineliners

Capercaillie painting

Western Capercaillie male displaying.The biggest and most impressive of the Grouses.A recent painting inspired my some documentaries I`ve been watching lately. Acrylics on board

Bird head sketches

Since the most if not all of us are forced to live in a self-isolation, and don`t have the possibility to go outdoors to sketch from life which I`m missing most, I decided to start drawing from my own videos. Every time I was travelling , I was taking a lot of footage mainly of birds. Attached in this case, songbird heads based on video I took while in Greece back in 2012. Fineliners