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Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2019 angezeigt.

Common swift watercolour

Attached this time a commissioned watercolour I did lately and shows common swifts flying over the city of Berlin. There is also the preparatory sketch in b/w to be seen. I did some changes since the client wanted the birds to be smaller.

New human portraits from life

Attached this time some portraits I did from life yesterday in the afternoon among with other artists, in Hofgarten-Munich . We had just 15 minutes to finish every portrait again , but I had to leave earlier, and managed to sketch just 5 portraits..

Horse portrait in stages

A Horse portrait in watercolours I did recently while teaching an adult evening class.Attaached also some shots taken by a student and show the progress of the watercolour from the rough drawing to the finished image

More Java Banteng studies from Munich zoo

Attached a  more detailed life study of a Banteng cow painted in gouache today. I have to do more of these in the future..And..a cow with a calf  plus gesture sketches drawn using sepia fineliners

Javan Banteng studies-Hellabrunn zoo

I spent several hours in the zoo hoping to do a proper watercolour of a Javan Banteng but the only I managed to get is the one of the calf and some half finished sketches..I don`t know why but the cows were exceptionally restless today...

Hellabrunn zoo-quick studies

From my visit to the zoo with a good friend yesterday morning. Javan Bantengs, and quick bird studies Plumed-Whistling-Duck Black stork