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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2020 angezeigt.

Thylacine walking

Thylacine walking , one more study based on the videos . Sepia fineliners & Pitt pens

Long -legged buzzard watercolour portrait

Just finished the attached watercolour, based on the monochromatic drawing I`ve uploaded recently. A bird of prey I love in particular

Thylacine new studies

I`ve been notified by a good friend of the existence of a recently rediscovered Thylacine video, and insprired of it, I`ve done a couple of studies trying to understand his movemnt and appearance . I hope to find the time to do some coloured versions soon . Sepia fineliners

Golden eagle portrait

Once again a raptor portrait, a Golden eagle drawing . I used Derwent Sepia fineliners to do it..

Long legged buzzard study

Long -legged buzzard an adult in this case , portrait. Sepia fineliners

Red kite field studies

I spent few hours with a scientist friend in the yesterday in the morning in a very special place not too far away from the Alps. We checked out some Red kite nests and I managed to do my first "wild" adult Red kite study on location. Attached , the sketches from this morning as well my open air studio...

Lesser grey shrike courting behaviour

My interest on Shrikes is still present , and a friends video inspired me to do a couple of quick studies  of the courting beahviour of the  Lesser grey shrike. I wanted to thank in particular Tora Benzeyen for allowing me to use his footage. Fineliners