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Es werden Posts vom 2021 angezeigt.

A new Thylacine drawing

  A Thylacine walking, a drawing based on a well know video footage taken in the 30`s of 20th century in Tasmania. Fineliners  

Long-eared owl life study

  A Long eared owl sketched from life today in the morning in a well known place close to Munich. It was a misty and cold morning but I didn`t give up and I`ve been rewared with this study.Fineliners  

White-tailed sea eagle watercolour

  White-tailed sea eagle, illustration I did last year for a book about the Sea eagle in Austria. Painted in Watercolours. Attached also, the preliminary drawing 

Blue tit watercolour

  A commissioned watercolour of eurasian Blue tits I did lately    

Waterfowl sketches from life

  Few quick studies from my visit to a lake close to Munich yesterday    

Bonelli`s eagle drawing on toned paper

  Bonelli`s eagle drawing on toned paper. Various fineliners & Pens have been used to do it.Aso attached  few images from the process.      

Tawny owl, new life study

A study of a Tawny owl drawn yesterday from life in the park using various fineliners & Pitt pens    

Life studies at Wilpark Poing

  Attached the "harvest" of my visit to Wildpark in Poing close to Munich yesterday  

Steller`s sea eagle life study

Steller`s sea eagle life study at Wildpark Poing close to Munich yesterday in the morning. I haven`t been in the Park for ages and enjoyed the beautiful day there with the family. The raptor collection has always captured my attention and I couldn`t resist to draw this eagle from life again...Sepia fineliners    

Indian Rhino and other zoo studies

 Various studies drawn from life from life during my recent visit to Munich zoo Hellabrunn.      

New zoo life studies

  Few sketches from my drawing courses in Munich zoo