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Es werden Posts vom Februar, 2023 angezeigt.

Short-toed eagle portraits

  Short-toed eagle juvenile portraits.Various studies of the same bird based again on video of Israel raptor nest cam. Fineliners    

Bonelli`s eagle study

  Bonelli`s eagle study, once again based on video of Israel raptor nest cam . Fineliners  

Long legged buzzard study

  A Long legged buzzard at nest calling. A fineliner drawing based on video of Israel raptor nest cam. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_-tLxfZdds    

Eagle owl sunbathing

Eurasian eagle owl sunbathing. It is drawn with fineliners and is based once again on video of Israel raptor nest cam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeZFkf-s2rM    

New Tawny owl watercolour from life

T awny owl of the reddish phase painted from life yesterday in the Nymphenburg Park-Munich. Watercolours    

Maori woman painting

Just finished, a commissioned Maori woman portrait based on a photograph taken in Manaia-New Zealand back in 1873. Acrylics on canvas. Attached also , the original photograph and a preliminary watercolour.  

Tawny owl new study

  After months , I managed to visit the Park again and sketch a Tawny owl using fineliners and Pitt pens . The weather was sunny but still pretty cold...