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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2018 angezeigt.

Nymphenburg park-Study of a new owl

 Once again a Tawny owl life study, but this time a of new one. I didn`t spot it myself but a photographer , a regular visitor of the park. Painted in Acryla Gouache Me while painting the latest Tawny owl in the park. (photo credit: Birgit Hilz)

New Tawny owl study

A new life study of the Tawny owl called "Michael" , painted on location in Nymphenburg park yesterday in the morning.Watercolours

Steller`s sea eagle-Wildpark Poing

Steller`sea eagle , painted today in the morning in Wildpark Poing. My first ever life study of this bird in watercolours.

Red footed falcon illustration

Red footed falcon pair. The last illustration, of my contribution to the new European breeding bird Atlas EBBA 2.Painted in Acryla Gouache. . I feel honoured to be part of this huge project! Check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EBBA2.info , and find more informations about sponsoring at http://www.ebba2.info/support-eb…/ebba2-species-sponsorship/

Red kite juvenile( life study)

A Red kite juv. sketched today in the morning close to its nest, using a telescope. (southern Bavaria). This is my first ever study of a "wild" Red kite

Domestic dove breeding

It was few days ago, when we came back from holidays, and found to our surprise a dove breeding in an empty pot at our balcony.Because I didn`t want to disturb , I was watching them from the Kitchen window using binoculars, and managed to do a couple of studies.Meanwhile the doves are gone since yesterday, the eggs also, and I pressume that one of the many crows around was the thief...

Fieldwork done in Greece during Holidays

I`m just back from a 10 days holiday trip to Greece visiting family and friends. I didn`t manage to do a lot of fieldwork since it was a family holiday. The only available time I had, were only the very early day hours...