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Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2020 angezeigt.

Barn owl study

A Barn owl study I`ve painted from life in a Raptor rehabilitation center today in the morning. Watercolours. The first watercolour from life after months!

Thylacine painting

Extinct animals and birds are still among my favorites, and the Tasmanian tiger is surely one of them. I did start one more painting depicting the animal and though I was pleased with the background the tiger seemed to be very big for the size, with wrong proportions and facial expression. I decided to remove the tiger and repainted it over the background but much smaller. Surely not my best attempt but I know that I`ll be able to create a much better painting one day.

Birds of prey life studies

Some new life works , I did today in a small Raptor hospital close to Munich. A eurasian hobby, a Tengmalms owl, and a screaming young Long legged buzzard..

New life studies

I spent few hours today in the morning in a Wildpark close to Munich accompanied by a good firend, and managed to do some drawings from life . Fineliners & Pens

New Red kite studies

From a visit to a Red kite nest close to Munich yesterday. Not every attempt is successful..And there were clouds of Mosquitoes to deal with...