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Es werden Posts vom September, 2017 angezeigt.

Snowy owl watercolour study

My first watercolour from life after months, and my first ever Snowy owl watercolour study from life! A "session" of four hours today in the morning in Munich zoo.

Bald eagle sketch-at Rosenburg castle

The only study I managed to do during a family day-excursion to northern Bavaria, visiting the Rosenburg castle and its Raptor collection. Bald eagle male (falconry bird), Derwent fineliners & Faber Castell Pitt pens

Snowy owl & Mountain hare new studies-Munich zoo

I spend once again several hours in front of the new enclosures studying the Snowy owl and the mountain hares. It`s time to do a coloured study next time , I guess...

Life studies (Augsburg zoo-Munich zoo)

Attached ,  Snowy owl & Mountain hare from Munich zoo & white Rhino studies from Augsburg zoo

Unfinished peregrine falcon studies -Wildpark Poing

A couple of studies I did two weeks ago, in a hot summer day in Wildpark Poing(close to Munich)