Mittwoch, November 14, 2018

Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca saxatilis) studies

Attached , this time a couple of studies based solely on video footage I took last year in Nürnberg zoo.The b/w study has been sketched last year, and the watercolour has been completed today.

Montag, November 12, 2018

Steppe eagle & Eagle owl life studies

I`ve spent few hours today in the morning in the Wildpark Poing once again. Didn`t have much luck in the beginning, until the Siberian eagle owl and an immature Steppe eagle decided to pose for me...

Mittwoch, November 07, 2018

Tawny owl on toned paper

Once again, a Tawny owl study, but this time an individual I haven`t seen for the last two years, and haven`t painted or sketched before. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper .Attached also a photo of mine taken while I was sketching the owl (photo credit: G. Albrecht)

Freitag, November 02, 2018

Tawny owl life watercolour

A new watercolour study of the Tawny owl close to the main water channel painted today in the morning on location . Didn´t have the best conditions to work outdoors, it was cold and foggy today, but eventually I managed to finish the picture.

Montag, Oktober 29, 2018

Golden eagle study

Golden eagle study based on video footage I took in Wildpark Poing (private park) several years ago. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper

Mittwoch, Oktober 24, 2018


Attached now, the rest of the fieldwork I did during the trip.
Little Bittern juv.

Purple heron juv.

Purple heron head detail

Pygmy cormorant winter plumage , head detail

Pygmy cormorant winter plumage

Red backed shrike juv.

Stone curlew pair

Stone curlew

Tree frog

Great white pelican, Spoonbills & an Avocet


A selection of drawings I did during last week , while guiding German birdwatchers in the lake.All of the sketches have been done on location using a spotting scope. I want to thank Hartmut M Bartmeise​ for giving me the chance to do it, and Nikos Gallios & Giorgos Spiridakis​ for the great company!Glad to meet also Ody Tzimoulis​ and Dimiter Georgiev​.
Caspian Tern adult

Caspian Tern immature

Common snipe resting

Common snipe feeding

Crag martin

Dalmatian pelican

Dalmatina pelican resting

Dalmatina pelican

Eurasian curlew

Immature greater Flamingos

Greater Flamingo adult

Greater Flamingo while feeding

Greater Flamingo

Grey heron immature

Grey heron quick sketch

Sonntag, Oktober 14, 2018

Philippine eagle-study on toned paper

Philippine eagle study, including the first stage and the finished drawing, based on video. Philippine eagle is one of the most impressive and strongest eagles on earth. Various fineliners and pens on toned paper

Tawny owl-an unfiinished picture

Working outdoors can be very frustrating. Not every attempt to sketch or paint a wild bird is successful!This is "Kasimir" an actually very confident owl, but not in this case. I`ve painted and sketched him often in the past, and I was sure that he is going to stay there for hours, but not this time. He stayed just for 10 minutes and then dissapeared in his hole. I had to give up after an hour of waiting..Attached also,a quick sketch of an other owl done also in the same day somewhere else in the park

Dienstag, Oktober 09, 2018

New books about Mushrooms & Herbs

Just got two new books about Mushrooms & Herbs illustrated by me, published by Kosmos publishers. Attached also, few of the illustrations

Sonntag, Oktober 07, 2018

Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger -The adventure of a study

..The Thylacine is a legendary species which lived in Australia and Tasmania and seems that is already extinct, since there is no credible evidence that the animal still exist for decades now. Attached, my efforts to depict the animal, starting with the initial pencil drawing , and showing the process step by step to the finished pen drawing. Eventually , I noticed several mistakes on his anatomy, decided to revise the image, started a couple of watercolours, and managed to complete at least one . Forgot to mention that videos taken in Hobart zoo( Tasmania) in the 30`s of last century have been a great help while creating my image.

The finished watercolour , I managed eventually to complete