Mittwoch, September 19, 2018

New zoo studies

I spent a couple of hours in the zoo yesterday in the morning with a friend. Attached,the "harvest"!

Montag, September 17, 2018

Munich Zoo Hellabrunn-drawing class

Attached, a series of quick studies I did today in the morning in Munich zoo, while teaching in an animal life drawing workshop.An Indian elephant, Javan Banteng, Kiang and Wood bisons were our models

Donnerstag, September 13, 2018

Wildpark Poing -life studies

From my today`s visit to Wildpark Poing-close to Munich.Two eurasian lynx studies, a steppe eagle and a wild boar studies

Freitag, September 07, 2018

Video based central Asian birds & mammal studies

When I`m not able to study birds or mammals from life, my own videos or nature documentaries provide the visual informations I need. Attached ,quick studies of Demoiselle cranes, Saiga antelopes and Palla`s cats based on video.

Mittwoch, September 05, 2018

Tawny owl life drawing

I`m just back from Nymphenburg park with-once again a Tawny owl study. Various fineliners and pens have been used to sketch it

Samstag, September 01, 2018

A week in Saxony(Eastern Germany)- Part 2

Beside my quick studies, I managed to finish some more elaborate pictures on location. In addition my first ever architectural study of an old church in the city of Riesa
Eagle owl sketched in zoo of Riesa in a very hot day

Egyptian vulture, Dresden zoo

European mouflon male in Riesa zoo

Head study of a Red kite in the zoo of Riesa

And here the whole bird, an injured Red kite
A window victim, a house Martin study

..and my first ever detailed architectural study made "plein air" in the city of Riesa

Me while sketching the church

...and here me again, while sketching the Egyptian vulture in Dresden zoo

Freitag, August 31, 2018

A week in Saxony(Eastern Germany) -Part 1

I`m just back from a week holiday in eastern Germany visiting family and friends. Attached first, the quick studies I managed to complete..

Donnerstag, August 16, 2018

Latest zoo life studies

 Just finished an illustration commission which lasted months, and I had the need to go outside and work again from life. The weather is still wonderful, the zoo was full of visitors, and I used the chance to do my best despite the repeated wasp attacks.