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Es werden Posts vom 2018 angezeigt.

Bonelli`s eagle head study

Bonelli`s eagle , head study, sketched on toned paper, using various fineliners & grey/ white pens. This is my last drawing for this year, Happy new year everyone!

Old monk portrait

Just finished the portrait of an old monk I know since I was a child. Here they are few stages of the painting while it was created and the finished portrait . Watercolours on Hahnemühle paper

Studies of master portraits

From my latest visit to Old masters gallery. An unknown French general painted by an unknown artist, 1650, and a portrait of an unknown spanish nobleman, 1631, painted by the great Velasquez

Bonelli`s eagle painting

The Boneli`s eagle is definitely my favorite raptor. Though a rare sighting in Europe, I was lucky enough to observe, study  and sketch them in the wild five years long. In one of these visits I saw the female sitting in the distance against the sea. I managed to make a watercolour on location, and get some blurred video footage. I did a more detailed b/w study based on this footage years later but I didn`t find the time to create a painting until now.

Saker falcon watercolour

It was two years ago when I did a study of this Saker falcon on toned paper. I always had in mind to do a coloured version of this but didn`t find the time until now..Here is the initial drawing , and the latest watercolour.

Bavarian nobleman portrait-Wilhelm Leibl

A new portrait sketched on location in the "Neue Pinakothek" in Munich, a gallery containing paintings from 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Here is a portrait of Max Freiherr von Perfall painted by Wilhelm Leibl in 1877

Old masters gallery- P.Rubens portraits

I`ve spent one more morning in the Old masters gallery. This time studying Portraits of Peter Paul Rubens Here is the Portrait of Hendrik van Thulden,sketched with various fineliners & Pens. I used a sepia fineliner as my main medium in this case Head detail of Rubens father in law portrait, Jan Brant

Old masters Gallery Munich-Copying works of old masters

For most of the people who know my work, I`m a wildlife artist.What they don`t know is that I used to  draw in the past and still do many human portraits from life. In this case , I decided to "enrich" my knowledge, by copying portraits of Old masters in the "Alte Pinakothek" in Munich. A unique experience! Albrecht Dürer self-Portrait Detail of Titian`s Emperor Charles V portrait Antony van Dykes portrait of the artist Jan de Wael and his wife. Detail of a painting of an unknown master from Ferrara(Italy) painted in ca.1480, and shows a Falconer holding a Sparrowhawk on his fist

Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca saxatilis) studies

Attached , this time a couple of studies based solely on video footage I took last year in Nürnberg zoo.The b/w study has been sketched last year, and the watercolour has been completed today.

Steppe eagle & Eagle owl life studies

I`ve spent few hours today in the morning in the Wildpark Poing once again. Didn`t have much luck in the beginning, until the Siberian eagle owl and an immature Steppe eagle decided to pose for me...

Tawny owl on toned paper

Once again, a Tawny owl study, but this time an individual I haven`t seen for the last two years, and haven`t painted or sketched before. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper .Attached also a photo of mine taken while I was sketching the owl  (photo credit: G. Albrecht)

Tawny owl life watercolour

A new watercolour study of the Tawny owl close to the main water channel painted today in the morning on location . Didn´t have the best conditions to work outdoors, it was cold and foggy today, but eventually I managed to finish the picture.

Golden eagle study

Golden eagle study based on video footage I took in Wildpark Poing (private park) several years ago. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper


Attached now, the rest of the fieldwork I did during the trip. Little Bittern juv. Purple heron juv. Purple heron head detail Pygmy cormorant winter plumage , head detail Pygmy cormorant winter plumage Red backed shrike juv. Stone curlew pair Stone curlew Tree frog Great white pelican, Spoonbills & an Avocet


A selection of drawings I did during last week , while guiding German birdwatchers in the lake.All of the sketches have been done on location using a spotting scope. I want to thank Hartmut M Bartmeise​ for giving me the chance to do it, and Nikos Gallios & Giorgos Spiridakis​ for the great company!Glad to meet also Ody Tzimoulis​ and Dimiter Georgiev​. Caspian Tern adult Caspian Tern immature Common snipe resting Common snipe feeding Crag martin Dalmatian pelican Dalmatina pelican resting Dalmatina pelican Eurasian curlew Immature greater Flamingos Greater Flamingo adult Greater Flamingo while feeding Greater Flamingo Grey heron immature Grey heron quick sketch