Mittwoch, Oktober 24, 2018


A selection of drawings I did during last week , while guiding German birdwatchers in the lake.All of the sketches have been done on location using a spotting scope. I want to thank Hartmut M Bartmeise​ for giving me the chance to do it, and Nikos Gallios & Giorgos Spiridakis​ for the great company!Glad to meet also Ody Tzimoulis​ and Dimiter Georgiev​.
Caspian Tern adult

Caspian Tern immature

Common snipe resting

Common snipe feeding

Crag martin

Dalmatian pelican

Dalmatina pelican resting

Dalmatina pelican

Eurasian curlew

Immature greater Flamingos

Greater Flamingo adult

Greater Flamingo while feeding

Greater Flamingo

Grey heron immature

Grey heron quick sketch

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