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Es werden Posts vom November, 2011 angezeigt.

Siberian eagle owl study in B & W

Once again an eagle owl study sketched today morning in Munich zoo.. The light was very low due to overcast weather... Siberian eagle owl

Indian rhino & Blacktip Shark-Munich zoo

The cold and misty weather doesn't allow any attempt to use watercolours in the field. In this case I use to visit the dark aquarium or even other houses where because of the low light, my beloved Bic black biro pen is the only medium I trust ... Indian Rhino study Blacktip Shark

European freshwater fishes

It's true that I haven't been particularly interested in fishes in the past, but this has been meanwhile changed, and since I've been commisioned to illustrate several species lately, I thought that I had to give me the chance to study them closer... The Aquarium in Munich zoo hosts many species from all over the world but this time the european species caught my attenion...all have been drawn using Bic pen European chub Sturgeon head study Sturgeon overall view