Freitag, November 11, 2011

European freshwater fishes

It's true that I haven't been particularly interested in fishes in the past,
but this has been meanwhile changed, and since I've been
commisioned to illustrate several species lately, I thought
that I had to give me the chance to study them closer...
The Aquarium in Munich zoo hosts many species from all over the world
but this time the european species caught my attenion...all have been drawn using Bic pen

European chub

Sturgeon head study

Sturgeon overall view


Julia Ruffles | fine artist hat gesagt…

amazing drawings! such accuracy and detail, I love them :)

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…

I can only agree. Superb!

Tellezmerida hat gesagt…

Me encanta tu obra, es fantástica, la sigo y aprendo de tus trabajos...Enhorabuena, chao, estamos en el aire...

Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

Splendid drawings, especially the chub! You are a master with the pencil.