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Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2009 angezeigt.

Coloured pencils-more drawings

Coloured pencils & Capercailies

Looking for new subjects and challenges and since I felt more confident
to try out new mediums on the spot, I thought that the use of coloured pencils could be
the next step forwards after a long period of black-white sketching.
Someone suggested then to visit the "Alpen Zoo" in Innsbruck-Austria, which I did and never regret it. The Capercailies I saw for the first time in life there, became one of my favorite birds
and still are....

Reptiles-Zoo & Falconries

It was 1999.
At this point of time I "discovered" the first raptor-collection close to Munich.
This first encounter filled me with excitement and it was just the begin of many visits
and many drawings on the "spot" to come..
A travel exhibition of alive European reptiles in our zoo gave good opportunities to
make several studies..

Zoo-drawings with ballpoint pen

Still working oudoors in the zoo, and feeling more familiar with my models,
I tried out to find suitable mediums to work with, and experimented with the
BIC ballpoint pens now. I found the yellow one with its fine point ideal to depict textures like
Fur, feathers and branches, as well to achieve the wished results working on gradualy changing shadow-tones .
It was the begin of a new period of experiments , the "Ballpoint pen" period...
A step forward in the development process..

Zoo- black & white drawings to be continued