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Es werden Posts vom April, 2008 angezeigt.

Bonellis eagles in Greece

This April I was able again , after four years! of absence to
visit Greece and sketch Bonellis eagles.
Although I'm not particularly pleased with the results,
there are few of them which keep my memories alive...

Himalayan Quail

This Illustration was an exciting experience, trying to make
an extinct species look alive and still present.
With the hope that these beautiful birds ( Himalayan Quails)
will be rediscovered sometime...

Once again a commissioned Peregrine drawing
and two ID Plates for the German field Ornithology magazine

Eleonora's falcon monograph

My latest illustration work includes a contribution to this Eleonora's falcon
monograph ,which has been recently published, by H.O.S( Hellenic Ornithological Society).
Here few samples to be seen.