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Kerkini lake-Autumn scene composition

Last October I spent a week in beautiful Kerkini lake in Northern Greece, guiding  birdwatchers and sketching birds. Check out my previous posts at to see them all:https://dougalis-wildlifeart.blogspot.com/2018/10/kerkini-lake-northern-greece.html
Shortly after my return I`ve got a commission to do an illustration inspired  from a certain scene I managed to sketch on location. Attached, the field sketch, the preliminary study and the finished watercolour based on the sketch and video footage.

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Bonellis eagle painting and preliminary work

Attached a couple of images, showing  the development of an older painting depicting a Bonelli`s eagle in the rain

Iberian lynx portrait -watercolour demonstration

Attached, this time a portrait of an Iberian lynx I did for an adult evening class few days ago. Here, the various steps as well the completed image.The photographs are not of the best quality but I hope that they show a lot..

The Four Apostles-study after Albrecht Dürer

I spent three hours in the Old masters Gallery today , studying once again works of Albrecht Dürer. In this case the Four Apostles (1526) as well his self-portrait to the left, just to give you an impression how they look like hanging in the Gallery`s wall together. Sepia fineliners

Portrait session-Quick studies

I had an unusual portrait session for me two days ago, with our model posing for 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 mintutes. I use to be quick when working outdoors but I don`t have to look at the clock in these case. Attached,the images I managed to get within 2 hours in total.Many thanks to Andreas Skrzypnik for organizing this event!

Grizzly Adams drawing

For those who have been born and grew up in the 1970`s like me, the "Grizzly Adams" TV show, has opened my childish mind to a magical world and made me dreaming of living in the wild..It has influenced the way I`m looking at living creatures ever since..Attached a drawing of the main characters Grizzly Adams, "Mad Jack, and bear "Ben", I did today using a Sepia finelinesr and it is based on video

Tawny owl & Duck studies-Nymphenburg Park

After weeks of snowfalls, stormy winds and darkness the sun is back! It was a sunny but a very cold day today, with temperatures below and around zero..
At least there was no wind at all, such a peaceful feeling! I couldn´t miss the chanec to go back to the Park to look after the Owls. I saw at least four and managed to sketch two of them. On my way back to the car I spotted in the small half-frozen lake in the front of the Palace among many Tufted & Pochard ducks, a Ferruginus duck, a real rarity for Germany...