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Latest field work

Few of my April quick studies in the field. April was a very cold month except of single warm days, and I tried to use these rare opportunities to spend few hours in the field. It seems that spring is here now. I heard and saw my first cuckoo two days ago!      
Letzte Posts

Bonelli`s eagle double portrait

A Bonelli`s eagle pair drawn with various fineliners & Pens on toned paper . These are my very "own" Bonelli`s eagles , a pair  I had the fortune to observe in Greece for six consecutive years, always during the breeding season. You can see the female above and the male below, the colouring is very distinctive.In addition  few images showing the development of the drawing                                               

Spotted nutcracker & Crested tit paintings

 Two small commissioned paintings I did lately, both painted in Gouache    

Long legged buzzard double portrait

 A double portrait of a juvenile Long legged buzzard  painted in watercolours few years ago.Attached also the preliminary drawing 

Bearded vulture painting

  A Bearded vlulture portrait I did back in 2000. Just 30 years old and inspired at this period of my life by the art of Carl Brenders , I tried to create a proper portrait of this gorgeous vulture. Gouache colours.  

Bonelli`s eagle female at nest painting

 This artwork has been painted several years ago in acrylics and it is based on video footage for the posture and on some digiscoping images for the colour tones I managed to take during the breeding season back in 2004 and 2008.These were taken in southern Greece where I was studying a certain pair for five years.Attached also the preliminary drawing as well the first stage of the painting.      

Eurasian pygmy owl new painting

 Just finished, fresh from the easel this commissioned Pygmy owl painting. The eurasian Pygmy owl, the smallest in Europe is despite its size a fierce hunter...