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Eurasian lynx portrait

  Northern or Eurasian Lynx portrait. It is based on video and is drawn with various fineliners & Pens on toned paper. Attached also, as I always use to do, few images which show the progress of the latest Lynx drawing step by step      
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Long legged buzzard chicks

  Three Long legged buzzard chicks in the nest. Based on video and drawn with various fineliners & pens    

Brambling painting

Bramblings, impressions of an invasion last winter somewhere in Northern Germany. A commissioned work painted in acrylics.Also attached the preliminary drawing. Note that this is a miniature painting of 20 x 30 cm size

Long legged buzzard portrait

  A triple portrait of a Long legged buzzard. It is based on video and is drawn with Sepia fineliners     

Eurasian hobby drawing

A Eurasian hobby , drawn with various fineliner & Pitt pens on Strathmore toned paper. Also attached, few shots taken during the creation of the Eurasian hobby drawing        

Tawny owl watercolour life study

  A Tawny owl painted from life in Nymphenburg park-Munich yesterday.  

Eurasian sparrowhawk portrait compilation

  Eurasian sparrowhawk head studies. Based on videos I took few days ago. Drawn with grey and black fineliners