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Long legged Buzzard portrait

  A triple portrait of an adult Long legged buzzard based on footage I took back in 1996 in Greece. Fineliners & Pitt pens  
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Long eared owl life study

I had a very special encounter today with several Long eared owls, a day roost in a suburb of Munich. I managed to sketch one of them which was enjoying the low evening light. I did several Long eared owl studies in the past but only from birds in captivity in a Wildlife hospital. This is my very first one from a Long eared owl in his natural habitat. Various fineliners & pens    

New life studies- Ducks & Tawny owl

 A collection of some studies done from life in the field recently. Several duck drawings from Ismaninger lake close to Munich and a Tawny owl study drawn in Nymphenburg park    

Tasmanian tiger or Thylacine portrait

  Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger /wolf portrait. Just finished this acrylic painting based on video footage taken in Tasmania`s Hobart zoo in 1930`s. The first painting of this year.  

Red tailed comet painting

A Red tailed comet , a hummingbird which can be found in the central Andes. In the background the mountain Illimani in western Bolivia. A commissioned acrylic painting I did recently    

Bonellis eagle portrait

A new head study of a Bonelli`s eagle, my favorite bird of prey, a bird I know pretty well . Fineliners    

Thylacine portrait

The last drawing of this year, a Thylacine portrait , which will serve as  a preliminary study for a portrait I´m planning to do in colour in the future.