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Roe deer fawn watercolour

  A Roe deer fawn , once again a watercolour demonstration I did recently for an adult evening class.   Attached also some stages of the watercolour photographed by one of the participants.        
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Turtle dove acrylic painting

  Turtle dove preening. An acrylic painting I did months ago for a competition and couldn`t show it prior to result announchment. It has been shortlisted among with other 36 images but didn`t make it to the final selection. More than 800 artists from around the world have submitted more than 2100 images to the competition! Check out the Link: https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/painting-competition.html  

Mute swan head study

A Mute swan portrait, a watercolour demonstration I did few days ago for an adult evening class. Attached also, shots taken during the development of the watercolour    

Tawny owl new life study

  It was a cold and foggy morning yesterday in the Nymphenburgpark but I decided to defy cold and I`ve been rewarded with the study of this Tawny owl. Gouache colours    

Snow leopard painting

A Snow leopard portrait painted in acrylics on 600gr heavy watercolour paper. Based exclusively on video I took in Munich zoo eight years ago. Attached also a couple of images shot during the creative process  

Hellabrunn zoo-new life studies

 Some studies from my latest visit to Munich zoo.

Breton horse drawing

A Breton horse study based on video I took close to Etang de Careil in Brittany. An impressive breed! Sepia fineliners