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Lion & Wood bison life studies- Munich zoo

Some life studies from my today`s visit to Munich zoo. A Lion and Wood bisons

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Jackal buzzard life study-Birdpark Olching

I went back to the Birdpark today and managed to do a coloured study of the Jackal buzzard. What beautiful birds they are! Attached aslo, a failed attempt. It was a sunny but unusually cold and windy day today, and wasn`t easy to work outdoors.

Bird studies from Birdpark Olching

I spent few hours in a bird park close to Munich today, which is open only over the weekend from April to November . I haven`t been there for ages, this was actually my second visit in five years,, and I was happily surprised to see bird species from all over the world. I promised myself to go back with colours next time..

New life studies- Hellabrunn zoo Munich

I spent few hours in the zoo today,looking after new models for a drawing course I`m giving in the zoo next Saturday. I used mainly black ballpoint pens and fineliners, but in case of the Indian elephant I tried to combine two colours, orange & black..

Canadian impressionists exhibition in Munich

There is a very interesting exhibition about the Canadian impressionists in Munich and it`s really worth a visit! I spent there a couple of hours with a good friend today and I must say I have to go back! Attached, the only sketch I managed to finish today, a portrait of Jean Baptiste Cholette painted by Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote, one of the leading Canadian impressionists. I used a Staedtler ball point pen to do it. Here is the Link to the exhibition: https://www.kunsthalle-muc.de/en/exhibition/details/canada/

New book about the forest

Just published! A new book about the forest, the sixth and last of a series illustrated by me.
 Attached also, some of the illustrations I did for this book.

Tawny owl study-Nymphenburg park again

A new Tawny owl study painted on location in Nymphenburg park last Friday in the morning. It was much hotter than expected and I had to battle against waps and other annoying insects not to mention the sun...Gouache colours on watercolour book

Europen bison study

European bison bull study. Various fineliners & pens have been used to sketch it on toned paper. Attached also, a series of images showing the development of the drawing, changing tones and shape everytime I was adding a new layer.