Donnerstag, April 19, 2018

MONTAGU´S HARRIER , from the study to the magazine cover

It was four years ago, when I first visited the Extremadura region in Spain, well known for its rich bird fauna and biodiversity. I did a lot of fieldwork on location but because it`s impossible to capture every scene around I took also a lot of video footage, which gives me the opportunity to study the birds and behaviour at home without any pressure of time.
Attached an image of a male Montagu`s harrier, which has been sketched first based on my own footage, followed by a watercolour study, and the final Gouache composition which made it to the cover of "British Birds" magazine.

Mittwoch, April 18, 2018

Life study of a new Tawny owl

A new study of a "new" Tawny owl called " Michael",painted in Nymphenburg park today in the morning in watercolours. A perfectly camouflaged bird..

Samstag, April 14, 2018

Commissioned works

Beside my regular illustration work, I`m taking also private commissions, in case my time allows.
Attached, few watercolours I did for a client few months ago.

Mittwoch, April 11, 2018

New Tawny owl life studies

It was the perfect sping day today, and since I haven`t been in Nymphenburg park for ages, I drove there in the morning and the only Owl I found first, was one of the pair close to Pagodenburg. My first ever study from life using Acryla Gouache.On my way back to the car I met a couple of photographers who led me to an other Owl, a new one of the Reddish phase posing and enjoying the sunshine. The setting was excellent, but sadly I didn`t have enough time, so I decided to make a monochromatic study, and promised to myself to go back for a coloured version soon.

Samstag, März 31, 2018

Extinct birds and mammals

Attached this time, various images of Passenger pigeons, Ivory billed woopeckers, and of Thylacines(Tasmanian tigers) I did in the recent past.There are few studies of suffed animals/ birds included, which helped me to understand the species better.
I became aware of Extinct species in the past already, but never tried to create any reconstructions since I didn`t have enough informations. Now I feel it`s about time to make more of these in the future

Donnerstag, März 29, 2018

B/W Bird Illustrations for a Poster

This time b/w illustrations of birds  I did lately for a Natural park station at the German north sea coast. Here is a link, I`m afraid only in German:

Common snipe

Greylag goose

Grey heron

Red breasted merganser
Great crested Grebe display

White taild sea eagle

Donnerstag, März 22, 2018

New illustrations for the European breeding bird atlas 2

 Attached my latest contribution to the forthcoming European bird atlas. All of my illustrations have been painted using Acryla Gouache.Check out the Facebook page, and find more informations about sponsoring at…/ebba2-species-sponsorship/
Here they are some more informations about the artwork:

Bearded vulture

Calandra lark

Eurasian Eagle owl

Montagu`s harrier

Short toed eagle