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Juvenile Long legged buzzard at nest

  A Long legged buzzard fledgling study based again on a video of Israel raptor nest cam. Fineliners & Faber Castell Pitt pens  
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Short-toed eagle study

 A Short-toed eagle study at nest based on an Israel raptor nest cam video. Fineliners    

Human portraits

Besides my nature illustration work I'm getting occasionally portrait commissions. Attached two of them I did recently.Painted in sepia watercolour  

Thylacine painting and study

A Thylacine acrylic painting I`ve just finished . It is based on the well known videos of the last Thylacine in captivity taken in Hobart zoo / Tasmania in the 1930`s. Also attached a preliminary study painted in gouache   

Tawny owl painted from life

  A life study of a Tawny owl painted this time in English garden Park in Munich. There were also four chicks to be seen but I didn`t have the chance to sketch one. Painted solely by brush withour preliminary pencil drawing. Watercolours     

Carolina parakeet illustration

  Carolina parakeets, illustration of the extinct North American parrot painted for a client recently. Gouache colours  

Long eared owl life studies

  I spent some valuable time in the field today in the morning sketching a family of Long eared owls. Sadly , then came the rain and I had to drive back home. Also, few photos of mine taken by a friend while I was sketching the owl.           

Summer meadow book- just published!

Just got it fresh from the printers, a new book about the meadow in summer, containing more than 100 images painted and drawn by me. Always a pleasure to see my work printed! Many thanks to my publisher KOSMOS and author Daniela Strauß for trusting me again to do the job...