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Tawny owl watercolour life study

  A Tawny owl painted from life in Nymphenburg park-Munich yesterday.  
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Eurasian sparrowhawk portrait compilation

  Eurasian sparrowhawk head studies. Based on videos I took few days ago. Drawn with grey and black fineliners  

New Tawny owl life studies

T wo life studies of a Tawny owl I did yesterday in the morning in the Park. Sepia fineliners Also a couple of shots to show you how my "open air " studio looked like in the park          

Thylacine portrait

  A triple portrait of Thylacines I`ve just finished. Painted in watercolours and is based on the well known videos from Hobart zoo.The original is still available. You can order also an Art print in various sizes over Fineartamerica. They producing also in Europe & Australia , that means ,when you place an order, they will automatically route your order to the nearest manufacturing center in order to minimize shipping costs and speed up delivery times. Just click on teh Link below: https://fineartamerica.com/.../thylacine-portraits..  

Donkey portrait in watercolours

  A Donkey portrait painted as a watercolour demonstration for an adult painting class. Also attached, the whole series of shots taken during the creation of the portrait      

Boreal owl family watrecolour

  A Boreal owl family, A commissioned watercolour I`ve finished recently  


 Dear friends around the Globe! I hope you had a good start in the new Year! This is to let everyone know , that I did start selling Art prints of my Extinct Animal -Bird paintings over Fineartamerica : https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/paschalis-dougalis I would be grateful if you could share the Link and spread the news around! Attached also the available paintings in low resolution