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Es werden Posts vom Mai, 2013 angezeigt.

Latest zoo fieldwork

Glossy Ibis, sunbathing, Bic pen Great white pelican, head study, Bic pen Great white pelican, preening, Bic pen Great white pelican resting, Bic pen Great white pelicans doodles, Bic pen Nicobar pigeon, Bic pen Northern Bald Ibis, Bic pen Rocky mountain goat, Bic pen

Various fieldwork close to my home

Carrion crow, Ostpark, Munich ,Bic pen Feral pigeons, close to my home in Munich, Bic pen Mallard doodles, Ostpark , Munich, Bic pen      Robin singing, Ostpark , Munich, Bic pen Wood pigeon, Ostpark, Munich, Bic pen

Bonelli`s eagle & Common kestrel studies

When time or weather conditions doesnt allow to make life-studies, I`m browsing through my own videos , where there is always something interesting to find..This time a Bonellis eagle female calling, and a common kestrel.. Bonelli`s eagle calling, the whole bird, Bic pen Bonelli`s eagle calling, head detail, Bic pen Common kestrel female, Bic pen

Our Guinea pigs

Not really wild , but nevertheless, interesting animals, Betty our first Guinea pig, sadly died few months ago, Bic pen Our second Guinea pig, Franzi, a lovely animal, Bic pen One more sketch fo Franzi, an older one... also drawn with Bic pen