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Es werden Posts vom 2020 angezeigt.

Breton horse drawing

A Breton horse study based on video I took close to Etang de Careil in Brittany. An impressive breed! Sepia fineliners

"Art et Nature" Exhibition in Bretagne/ France

I`m just back from Brittany/ France spending there three memorable days in Festival Art et Nature in Paimpont where I was privileged to be the guest of honour. I met old friends , many new ones, and I feel grateful for their kindness, support , generosity and hospitality. I hope to be able to go back in the nearest future! Many thanks in particular to Sebastien, Willy and Anne!

Johann Baptist von Spix portrait

A small painting I`ve just finished based on a drawing I did lately of the biologist Johann Baptist von Spix holding the first ever collected Spix macaw , a species discovered by him in Brazil in 1819 and has been named after him. This stuffed bird still exists in the Bavarian Zoological society in Munich. Acrylics on paper

Eagle owl study

A Eurasian eagle owl study I`ve painted from life in a Raptor rehabilitation center today in the morning. This large female has been hit by a car last year but meanwhile recovered well and will be soon released in the wild. Gouache colours. The first eagle owl from life in colour after years!

Snow leopard portrait

Fresh from the easel.. A portrait of a snow leopard drawn with various fineliners & pens on toned paper

Munich zoo-new life studies

From my today`s visit to Munich zo. Various studies on toned paper

Euroepan bison portrait

Just finished this European bison bull portrait. Various fineliners & pens on toned paper

Eastren imperial eagle portrait

A portrait of an adult Eastren Imperial eagle I`ve just finished, Based on video I took many years ago in Berlin zoo .Painted in gouache

Red tailed hawk drawing

"Dakota" A study of a Red tailed hawk female, drawn on toned paper, using Sepia fineliners, White ink pen and Faber Castell Pitt pens. Dedicated to my friend Manu..

Ural owl in Austria book

Just received..A new book illustrated by me about the Ural owl in Austria and published by the Carinthian ornithological society . For those who might be interested to order the book, here is the Link: https://naturwissenschaft-ktn.at/verlag/publikationen-shop/Der-Habichtskauz-Strix-uralensis-in-Österreich-p213970667

Barn owl study

A Barn owl study I`ve painted from life in a Raptor rehabilitation center today in the morning. Watercolours. The first watercolour from life after months!

Thylacine painting

Extinct animals and birds are still among my favorites, and the Tasmanian tiger is surely one of them. I did start one more painting depicting the animal and though I was pleased with the background the tiger seemed to be very big for the size, with wrong proportions and facial expression. I decided to remove the tiger and repainted it over the background but much smaller. Surely not my best attempt but I know that I`ll be able to create a much better paitning one day.

Birds of prey life studies

Some new life works , I did today in a small Raptor hospital close to Munich. A eurasian hobby, a Tengmalms owl, and a screaming young Long legged buzzard..

New life studies

I spent few hours today in the morning in a Wildpark close to Munich accompanied by a good firend, and managed to do some drawings from life . Fineliners & Pens

New Red kite studies

From a visit to a Red kite nest close to Munich yesterday. Not every attempt is successful..And there were clouds of Mosquitoes to deal with...

Thylacine walking

Thylacine walking , one more study based on the videos . Sepia fineliners & Pitt pens

Long -legged buzzard watercolour portrait

Just finished the attached watercolour, based on the monochromatic drawing I`ve uploaded recently. A bird of prey I love in particular

Thylacine new studies

I`ve been notified by a good friend of the existence of a recently rediscovered Thylacine video, and insprired of it, I`ve done a couple of studies trying to understand his movemnt and appearance . I hope to find the time to do some coloured versions soon . Sepia fineliners

Golden eagle portrait

Once again a raptor portrait, a Golden eagle drawing . I used Derwent Sepia fineliners to do it..

Long legged buzzard study

Long -legged buzzard an adult in this case , portrait. Sepia fineliners

Red kite field studies

I spent few hours with a scientist friend in the yesterday in the morning in a very special place not too far away from the Alps. We checked out some Red kite nests and I managed to do my first "wild" adult Red kite study on location. Attached , the sketches from this morning as well my open air studio...

Lesser grey shrike courting behaviour

My interest on Shrikes is still present , and a friends video inspired me to do a couple of quick studies  of the courting beahviour of the  Lesser grey shrike. I wanted to thank in particular Tora Benzeyen for allowing me to use his footage. Fineliners