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Es werden Posts vom 2020 angezeigt.

New life studies

I spent few hours today in the morning in a Wildpark close to Munich accompanied by a good firend, and managed to do some drawings from life . Fineliners & Pens

New Red kite studies

From a visit to a Red kite nest close to Munich yesterday. Not every attempt is successful..And there were clouds of Mosquitoes to deal with...

Thylacine walking

Thylacine walking , one more study based on the videos . Sepia fineliners & Pitt pens

Long -legged buzzard watercolour portrait

Just finished the attached watercolour, based on the monochromatic drawing I`ve uploaded recently. A bird of prey I love in particular

Thylacine new studies

I`ve been notified by a good friend of the existence of a recently rediscovered Thylacine video, and insprired of it, I`ve done a couple of studies trying to understand his movemnt and appearance . I hope to find the time to do some coloured versions soon . Sepia fineliners

Golden eagle portrait

Once again a raptor portrait, a Golden eagle drawing . I used Derwent Sepia fineliners to do it..

Long legged buzzard study

Long -legged buzzard an adult in this case , portrait. Sepia fineliners

Red kite field studies

I spent few hours with a scientist friend in the yesterday in the morning in a very special place not too far away from the Alps. We checked out some Red kite nests and I managed to do my first "wild" adult Red kite study on location. Attached , the sketches from this morning as well my open air studio...

Lesser grey shrike courting behaviour

My interest on Shrikes is still present , and a friends video inspired me to do a couple of quick studies  of the courting beahviour of the  Lesser grey shrike. I wanted to thank in particular Tora Benzeyen for allowing me to use his footage. Fineliners

Raptor life drawings

I spent a couple of hours in a Wildpark close to Munich which opened again after months and managed to finish the attached studies of a Peregrine falcon and a Black-chested buzzard-eagle a new species to me.

Siberian tiger portrait

Siberian tiger portrait painted in gouache. As I did lately with the Lanner falcon portrait ,I used only brush without initial pencil drawing and is based on video footage taken in Munich zoo.
 For those who might be interested to watch the whole video here is the Link:

Red-backed shrike courtship

Once again courtship behaviour study, in this case of the Red backed shrike. Based on footage I took in Greece back in May 2012

Eurasian hare study

Eurasian hare study, based also on video footage I took last year in Saxony. Sepia fineliners

Woodchat shrike courtship

Woodchat shrike courtship. Study based on video taken lately by a good friend in Greece. This is why I love videos, `cause I can study movement and behaviour..Thank you very much Giorgos  for allowing me to use your footage! Fineliners & Faber Castell Pitt pens

Munich zoo quick studies

I managed to visit the Munich zoo yesterday after months , because it was closed due to lockdown, and even now I had to book my visit on time since there is only a certain number of visitors per day allowed. The weather was cold and rainy for the most part of the morning, so I had to move on regularly and sketch as quick as I could. My studies include the female Snowy owl, budgerigars and Hartmann`s mountain zebra.

New field work

Attached some life studies I did lately. A Tawny owl, Mute swan ,Greylag goose and a Canada goose from Nymphenburg park and a common buzzard sketched today very close to Munich from a distance aided by my scope

Harpy eagle painting

Harpy eagle portrait, acylics on wooden panel. Based exclusively on video footage I took few years ago in Nürnberg zoo

Lanner falcon portrait

Just finished this Gouache portrait of a Lanner falcon, as a demonstration for a friend. This has been a solely brush painting without initial pencil drawing and is based on video footage I took last year. I took some video while I was painting and in case you want to see the whole video check out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZCjqQisAt8&t=5355s

Horse life drawings

I haven`t done any work from life lately due to the lockdown, but I found the time today to make a half an hour bike ride to a horse farm in the outskitrs of Munich. There was just me and the horses...Attached, the drawings I managed to do...

Lynx study

Yawning lynx. Study based on video footage I took few years ago In "Alpenzoo" Innsbruck, Austria. Fineliners

Eurasian sparrowhawk & Collared pratincole sketches

A pair of Eurasian sparrowhawks , sketch based on a video I took yesterday in the morning in a park very close to my home in Munich. Note the size difference between the sexes .Also, Collared pratincole head studies based on video I took in Greece back in 2012. Fineliners

Capercaillie painting

Western Capercaillie male displaying.The biggest and most impressive of the Grouses.A recent painting inspired my some documentaries I`ve been watching lately. Acrylics on board

Bird head sketches

Since the most if not all of us are forced to live in a self-isolation, and don`t have the possibility to go outdoors to sketch from life which I`m missing most, I decided to start drawing from my own videos. Every time I was travelling , I was taking a lot of footage mainly of birds. Attached in this case, songbird heads based on video I took while in Greece back in 2012. Fineliners

Quick life studies

Some quick sketches of Black headed gulls I did today in the morning in a colony, and  two of domestic animals , a horse and a goat