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Es werden Posts vom November, 2022 angezeigt.

Long eared owl drawing

A Long eared owl study, based on video footage kindly provided by Leander Khil . Sepia fineliners & Pitt pens https://www.facebook.com/leanderkhil   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5r2Bso6oQ0    

Tawny owl pair life study

  A Tawny owl pair painted from life today in Nymphenburg park, Munich. It is the first time in ten years , I was able to find and paint a pair on the spot. I`ll never get tired of drawing and painting them! Gouache colours  

Tawny owl life study

Tawny owl painted from life in watercolours yesterday in the morning in Nymphenburg park, Munich. I met some very kind people there and had very interesting talks..Also some photos of my "open air" studio yesterday in the park  

Thylacine walking

A thylacine study, once again based on videos taken in the 1930`s in Hobart zoo/ Tasmania. Drawn on Strathmore toned paper using various sepia fineliners & Pitt pens