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Es werden Posts vom August, 2019 angezeigt.

Przewalski horse drawing and video

Attached this time,the sketches and a timelapse video of me while sketching a Przewalski horse from life in the Munich zoo .It has been taken by my daughter). Real time somewhat less than 10 minutes (turn off the voice please!) There is a sketch of a Bactrian Camel and a Tarpan horse too..  

Bonelli`s eagle Illustration

Just finished a plate showing a Bonelli`s eagle "family". Female on the top, male in the middle and juvenile in fresh plumage on the bottom. Watercolours . Attached also the preliminary drawing to the plate.

Indian Elephant & Giraffe studies

An indian Elephant bull and a Giraffe study sketched today in the morning in Munich zoo

Przewalski horse studies-Munich zoo Hellabrunn

I spent few hours in the zoo today in the morning  and despite the heat and restless horse behaviour I managed to do a couple of studies.

Munich zoo-New quick studies

Attached, some quick studies I did during a drawing course in Munich zoo recently. Indian elephant Humboldt penguin Pony horse Red bellied piranha Wild guinea pig