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Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2011 angezeigt.

Mammal sketches in black & white

After a long period time of sketching and illustrating almost solely birds or trees, I went back to my beloved mammals with their exceptional facial expressions and I didn't regret it... Today morning at Munich zoo..... Abruzzo Chamois Mountain lion or Puma or Cougar

Siberian eagle owl study

A siberian eagle owl study done on location in Munich zoo today morning... Siberian eagle owl, Bubo bubo sibiricus

New field studies

It is true that I've been very quiet lately... It was because of the tight deadlines I had to catch up with, while doing illustrations.. The German Bird atlas has been finished now, and during a visit to my Parents in low in Saxony , I used the limited time I had to recover and to do some field work.. (All the attached studies have been done on location in Saxony with the exception of the Cormorant's head done in Munich zoo last week) Great Cormorant head study White Stork head study Common Rudd Red Kite European ground squirrel