Dienstag, Juli 12, 2011

Mammal sketches in black & white

After a long period time of sketching and illustrating
almost solely birds or trees, I went back to my beloved
mammals with their exceptional facial expressions
and I didn't regret it...
Today morning at Munich zoo.....

Abruzzo Chamois

Mountain lion or Puma or Cougar


Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann hat gesagt…

Both are great works! How did you keep them still? O;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Impresionantes trabajos. He pasado un rato disfrutando de anteriores post con unas acuarelas y grafitos magníficos. Siempre es interesante visitar tu blog.

Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

Hi Dougalis,
Very nice drawings - and the Eagle Owl in your previous post was tremendous! I guess you are still busy with your huge project, but it's nice to see some new posts every now and then.
Best regards, Øivind