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Es werden Posts vom August, 2022 angezeigt.

Java Banteng and other life studies

  Java Banteng bull painted from life yesterday in the morning in Munich zoo. My very fisrt coloured study of this guy..Also a couple of sketches depicting the Indian rhino and an Asian elephant     

Thylacine & Weaver painting

Attached this time a painting I´ve been commissioned to create, and is based on the best preserved photograph of 19th cetury showing a Thylacine and a hunter. Thanks to legend at the bottom of the photo we know that the hunters name was Weaver. This image was taken in a time where the existence of Thylacine was taken as granted and he was hunted merciless, blamed for livectock loses. I`ve added also the original photograph as well my first attempts to " understand"  the image, a sepia fineliner drawing and a watercolour, a coloured version of it.    

Giraffe life watercolour in the zoo

A reticulated Giraffe painted from life today in the zoo. My very first in colour...Also some Photos showing the process.