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Es werden Posts vom März, 2020 angezeigt.

Quick life studies

Some quick sketches of Black headed gulls I did today in the morning in a colony, and  two of domestic animals , a horse and a goat

Nymphenburg park-first life studies for 2020

I haven`t been in the park since November and despite the madness around us I didn`t want to miss the chance to go there since I felt that I`m out of practice in field sketching..The weather was wonderful! This is my first life study of a Tawny owl this year..In addition, a quick sketch of a Grey heron and a couple of photos just to see how my "open air" studio looked like

Passenger pigeon pair

I have a special interest on extinct species, and the Passenger pigeon and its tragic fate couldn`t be an exception..Attached a small paitning I`ve just finished , showing a pair of this fascinating bird. Acryla gouache on paper

Iberian lynx painting

Attached this time a commisioned acrylic painting of an Iberian lynx in first morning light I did lately. The Iberian lynx is one of the most rarest wild cats in the world and one of the most beautiful for sure.Thanks to conservation efforts during the last decades, the population has increased enormously ,but it is still under threat..Also attached the preliminary drawing

B & W studies

Some b & w studies I did lately , part of my daily practice Capercaillie displaying Bald eagle portraits Steppe eagle portraits