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Es werden Posts vom Januar, 2021 angezeigt.

Barred warbler head studies

A compilation of Barred warbler heads based on video I took in Greece few years ago. Barred warblers are the biggest of their family in Europe are not colouful birds, but they are very melodious and definitely belong to my favorites.  Fineliners. For those who might be interested, check out my video where the drawings are based on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv5RO7Ril2Y&t=574s    

Long legged Buzzard portrait

  A triple portrait of an adult Long legged buzzard based on footage I took back in 1996 in Greece. Fineliners & Pitt pens  

Long eared owl life study

I had a very special encounter today with several Long eared owls, a day roost in a suburb of Munich. I managed to sketch one of them which was enjoying the low evening light. I did several Long eared owl studies in the past but only from birds in captivity in a Wildlife hospital. This is my very first one from a Long eared owl in his natural habitat. Various fineliners & pens    

New life studies- Ducks & Tawny owl

 A collection of some studies done from life in the field recently. Several duck drawings from Ismaninger lake close to Munich and a Tawny owl study drawn in Nymphenburg park    

Tasmanian tiger or Thylacine portrait

  Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger /wolf portrait. Just finished this acrylic painting based on video footage taken in Tasmania`s Hobart zoo in 1930`s. The first painting of this year.  

Red tailed comet painting

A Red tailed comet , a hummingbird which can be found in the central Andes. In the background the mountain Illimani in western Bolivia. A commissioned acrylic painting I did recently    

Bonelli`s eagle portrait

A new head study of a Bonelli`s eagle, my favorite bird of prey, a bird I know pretty well . Fineliners    

Thylacine portrait

The last drawing of this year, a Thylacine portrait , which will serve as  a preliminary study for a portrait I´m planning to do in colour in the future.