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Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2018 angezeigt.

IN-DANGER book is here!

Just got my copy of the In-Danger book! I feel so grateful for being part of it and hope that our artwork is going to to raise awareness for world's vanishing wildlife. I feel privileged to have joined artists like Aaron Blaise, Greg Beecham, Terryl Whitlatch ,Joe Weatherly, Iain McCaig, to name but a few in this project. Thanks a lot all of you, you did an excellent job! http://www.expeditionart.org/in-danger-book/

The "In Danger" Book is published!

In Danger: Threatened and Endangered Animals     The long-awaited book has just been published!   I wrote about this project months ago   https://dougalis-wildlifeart.blogspot.com/2018/03/in-danger-book-expedition-art.html and can`t wait to get it in my hands and go through the pages.I`m going to write a small report as soon as I get it. For those who might be interested to purchase it here is the direct Link:  https://www.expeditionartstore.com/in-danger-threatened-and-endangered-animals/ And here is a youtube video about the book:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU-XbPpjWSs  

Nymphenburg park-New studies

I`ve been in the Park once again yesterday, hoping to make a watercolour of the latest owl. I saw him sitting there but when he felt disturbed by an old man who came too close with his dog disappeared in his hole instantly. I decided then to paint the location. He use to sit on the tree to the right, down in the hole, just above the foliage. On my way back to the car I saw that an other owl was sitting on its preferred tree. Because I didn´t have enough time , I drew it with fineliners and coloured the image with watercolours

Harpy eagle drawing in stages

Harpy eagles belong to my favorite raptors, and I feel lucky to have sketched and painted them again and again in both Berlin and Nürnberg zoos. I didn`t have the chance to visit Nürnberg this year yet, but there is a lot of video footage I took last year, and enabled me to do this study using various fineliners.Here they are the various stages