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Es werden Posts vom September, 2019 angezeigt.

Bird studies from Birdpark Olching

I spent few hours in a bird park close to Munich today, which is open only over the weekend from April to November . I haven`t been there for ages, this was actually my second visit in five years,, and I was happily surprised to see bird species from all over the world. I promised myself to go back with colours next time..

New life studies- Hellabrunn zoo Munich

I spent few hours in the zoo today,looking after new models for a drawing course I`m giving in the zoo next Saturday. I used mainly black ballpoint pens and fineliners, but in case of the Indian elephant I tried to combine two colours, orange & black.. Indian elephant Lion male study The second male lion in the zoo Nyala bull, head study

Canadian impressionists exhibition in Munich

There is a very interesting exhibition about the Canadian impressionists in Munich and it`s really worth a visit! I spent there a couple of hours with a good friend today and I must say I have to go back! Attached, the only sketch I managed to finish today, a portrait of Jean Baptiste Cholette painted by Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote, one of the leading Canadian impressionists. I used a Staedtler ball point pen to do it. Here is the Link to the exhibition: https://www.kunsthalle-muc.de/en/exhibition/details/canada/

New book about the forest

Just published! A new book about the forest, the sixth and last of a series illustrated by me.  Attached also, some of the illustrations I did for this book.

Tawny owl study-Nymphenburg park again

A new Tawny owl study painted on location in Nymphenburg park last Friday in the morning. It was much hotter than expected and I had to battle against waps and other annoying insects not to mention the sun...Gouache colours on watercolour book  

Europen bison study

European bison bull study. Various fineliners & pens have been used to sketch it on toned paper. Attached also, a series of images showing the development of the drawing, changing tones and shape everytime I was adding a new layer.

European mole cricket study

European mole cricket, life study. An unusual subject for me....A friend of mine found this impressive insect in his garden and brought it to me. I`ve used a magnifying glass to study it and let it then free. The painted image is three times the size of the original . Attached also an other study of a mole cricket I`ve painted from a dead specimen back in 1993