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Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2019 angezeigt.

Van Dyck exhibition in Munich

I spent few hours in the Gallery of old masters(Alte Pinakothek) yesterday, visiting the current exhibition showing works of Antonis van Dyck from its own collection as well international loans. I found this portrait of the engraver Karel van Mallery particularly expressive and I did this sketch.. I copied also Van Dyck`s self portrait painted when he was 16, loan from the Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna /Austria Sepia fineliners

Siberian Tiger "Jegor" portrait

Just finished, the portrait of "Jegor", the male Siberian tiger of Munich zoo based on video I took few months ago. An amazing animal! Experimenting with various fineliners & Pens on toned paper.  Attached also,  a couple of images showing two stages of the drawing while it was created

Nymphenburg park new studies

Some quite various studies drawn today in Nymphenburg park in Munich. It was a very foggy and cold morning and I had to wait a couple of hours until the sun came out. Attached a Tawny owl study, my first ever Dog study from life, a lovely Samoyed, and a Great spotted woodpecker quick sketch done from a great distance within a minute

Lion & Wood bison life studies- Munich zoo

Some life studies from my today`s visit to Munich zoo. A Lion and Wood bisons

Jackal buzzard life study-Birdpark Olching

I went back to the Birdpark today and managed to do a coloured study of the Jackal buzzard. What beautiful birds they are! Attached aslo, a failed attempt. It was a sunny but unusually cold and windy day today, and wasn`t easy to work outdoors.